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Family with 2 children diagnosed with cancer victimized by fellow Buffalo Bills fan

Family with 2 children diagnosed with cancer victimized by fellow Buffalo Bills fan

Every once in a while we come across an individual that makes us so sick to our stomach’s it makes it almost impossible to rationalize how they can be such a low life and live with what they see in the mirror every day. It was brought to my attention today that a family in Buffalo who are dealing with not one but two children diagnosed with cancer were apparently victimized by such a low life piece of garbage. As if having two children with cancer wasn’t enough to deal with, Joey and Erin Weise also have recently had the pleasure of someone contacting them to inform them that there has been a large sum of money raised for their children, only to have that person not show up at a scheduled event as promised and then swiftly deleted them as friends on Facebook.

The events that took place are still being constructed but one thing is for sure. Here’s what we know…

I was originally tagged in a comment on this Facebook post…

People who know me and our site know that things like this are completely unacceptable and we will absolutely do anything in our power to raise awareness to the scumbags in this world that exploit other people, ESPECIALLY children with cancer!!!! It’s honestly one of the most terrible things you could ever do with your life and things like this create the biggest ball of rage deep within my stomach you could ever imagine.

I reached out to Joey Weise and asked him what exactly happened, he said that John Tagg friend requested him after he posted in the Bills Mafia Facebook page about his son being diagnosed with cancer. Apparently John Tagg instantly friend requested both him and his wife then constantly asked them questions about how their son was doing while telling them that he was a hero.  John Tagg is the one with the ‘win for Ralph’ avi…

Seems fair enough, right? Support from even random strangers is a wonderful thing when dealing with such a terrible situation. Imagine your child being diagnosed with such a horrible condition, now imagine it happening to 2 children, it honestly has to be exhausting and discouraging in ways we couldn’t even imagine. So while dealing with the incredible cost of treating two children diagnosed with cancer I’m sure you could relate to how you would feel after receiving a few messages such as this…

I would of been speechless too, actually I would of been completely overwhelmed and crying my eyes out. I’m a pretty tough guy, but the generosity of other people is a very weak spot for me and there isn’t much that gets my emotions flowing like others going out of their way to help others in need.

Now there were several other messages shared with me that I will not be releasing here due to there being sensitive personal information in them, but I can assure you that they are completely sickening on John Tagg’s behalf after you see what happens next.

What happens next you ask? Well its simple, not only did John Tagg not show up to the benefit with 20 people and a check for $5,000, he also deleted both Joey and Erin as Facebook friends. Now my natural instinct is to want to believe that something just went wrong and that perfectly plays into this message that John Tagg sent out after being a no-show…

For the common everyday idiot this series of messages might make sense, but little did John Tagg realize that his bullshit of an excuse was going to come the way of James Kriger. First off, why would a family emergency result in your Facebook being ‘done’? What does that even mean? As far as I’ve ever understood Facebook and how it works is that people use Facebook to keep their friends and family updated and in the loop of such family emergencies. So when you tell me that there is a family emergency and as a result you have to abandon your Facebook, well to me you are full of shit. Second is the fact that he ask for this information not to be posted on Facebook, because heaven forbid you have a good reason to explain your shady behavior on the very platform you started this nonsense.

Really the only thing you have to look at is the fact that John Tagg deleted Joey and Erin Weise after being a no show. Lets say his intentions were legitimate and he actually had a family emergency, then why unfriend these people the day after you fail to deliver on your word. He didn’t delete his whole account, just Joey and Erin Weise. I reached out to a few people and found that his account was still active and those people were still in fact active friends with him. Now THAT is the major problem here, and from the looks of things John Tagg was using other people’s cancer diagnosed children for his own personal gain.

*Here is where I had a screenshot of someone telling me which hotel he worked at as a breakfast cook, that hotel since then has contacted us and insisted we remove it. I think its safe to say they had an awful lot of angry people calling them today.*

I was given this photo by several people that absolutely swear that this is John Tagg…

Now I completely understand that as ridiculous as John Tagg’s excuse sounds for being a no-show when he was supposed to deliver a huge check to a cancer stricken family, it may actually be for legit reasons. Understanding that, I will be the first one to delete this article and write an apology once I hear that John Tagg has delivered a check for $5000 to the Weise family. But lets face it, that’s probably not going to happen, so if you want to hunt down John Tagg I more than support that.

More importantly though is the children, if this article causes any kind of reaction it should be to help out John and Erin’s children. They have had a gofundme page for their cause for 3 months now, and if anyone is going to appreciate some help its John and Erin. It honestly had to be so heart-breaking to hear they were receiving a check for $5,000 only to get unfriended and ignored like they did.

Regardless of your reaction to all of this I encourage you to do something nice for these two children who have no control over their terrible circumstance. Even if you don’t want to donate money, contact Joey or Erin and donate a toy for their children so they can take their minds off of their daily treatments if only for a moment. We are Buffalo fans and we stick together, we also hunt down and string up people exploiting children with cancer. I know from the bottom of my heart this situation will be resolved, but its honestly going to take a little help.

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