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Buffalo Bills Fake Fan of the Week

Buffalo Bills Fake Fan of the Week

This is something I’ve always wanted to do but I never could find the right person.  Some people have bad days on Twitter.  Some people get fed up with particular players, some people love other players for no particular reason, and I am man enough to admit that I fit into both categories.  What I truly cannot stand are the individuals that associate themselves with the #BillsMafia that constantly use the hashtag to remain negative towards players, stay aggressive towards them about past seasons and stay pessimistic about anything they can find a player tweeting about.

Meet Raul.  Raul is a true Bills fan because he has 2 separate Twitter handles, @The_Rj_Jr and @BUF_BILLS, both of which he uses to knock on Marquise Goodwin’s nickname of “The Flash”, whereas Marquise Goodwin himself addressed Raul in a tweet, refusing to acknowledge his presence by stooping down to his level and sending the tweet directly to him.

Here was the Instagram picture posted by Goodwin, followed by Raul’s clear cut support for the Buffalo Bills:

@flashgoodwin flash Goodwin. Nahhh can’t call you that yet. Give 500 yards 5tds and then I’ll call you flash. #Bills #Billsmafia #EarnIT

— Raul (@BUF_BILLS) July 31, 2014

Marquise then responds in a different tweet after he clearly didn’t want to lower himself to Raul’s level:

Bruh u aren’t even good enough for an @ lol talmbout BillsMafia? Gotg bruh

— MARQUISE GOODWIN (@flashgoodwin) July 31, 2014

I go back check the tweets, see it’s from Raul, offer some words for Goodwin which anyone who uses #BillsMafia with pride would do:


@flashgoodwin 10 years cheering on this team. So stfu and know your facts, chump.

— Raul Jimenez Jr. (@The_Rj_Jr) July 31, 2014

Raul and I exchange words for a bit and he finally hits me with this:

@GdoubleT< drink your cheep beer and be quite. You got nothing on me. Your just talking…— Raul Jimenez Jr. (@The_Rj_Jr) July 31, 2014

First off, Natty Ice is delicious, but two things I directly “got” on you; “be quite” and “your just talking…”

I went back to look at some of his other tweets and this was my favorite one, where he talks to Bills reporters like he knows more than they do:


@ByTimGraham bruised fibula according to my sources

— Raul Jimenez Jr. (@The_Rj_Jr) July 26, 2014

Again, just wanted to let you know that Raul has 2 separate twitter accounts, both of which you can block him on, as all he does is talk bad about the Bills and uses the #BillsMafia hashtag irresponsibly.  The players and the rest of the fans are growing tired of seeing this garbage, so the faster we can weed out the bad ones, the better Twitter will be for us actual fans!

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