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Evidence points towards Patriots deflating balls since Spygate

Evidence points towards Patriots deflating balls since Spygate

Take one look around the internet while reading up on the recent deflate-gate news out there and it wont take you long to find some delusional Patriots fan shouting senselessly about how we “hate them cause we aint them” or how “they scored more points against the Colts with properly inflated balls, so it doesn’t matter”. Those two statements are by far the most popular arguments that Patriots fans are littering the internet with, both of which are just flat out stupid on levels beyond belief.

I have a fairly quick and logical argument for the accusation that we have our panties in a bunch because we ‘hate them cause we aint them’ and that is perfectly summed up with this fantastic meme somebody made…

That’s right, I wasn’t lying when I said Patriots fans have used this as a main defense for their team being caught cheating. They have said it so much that somebody actually created a meme to respond to it.  Now I don’t  want to spend too much time dwelling on the rest of the NFL hating the Patriots because they have SuperBowl rings, because quite frankly the argument is just non-sensible. No other team with a SuperBowl ring is hated on nearly the same degree, and that is because those teams are not proven cheaters.

What I really want to focus on is the second argument, the one where the Patriots would have beat the Colts if they were using bars of soap as balls so therefore this shouldn’t even be an issue. But what if I told you that the Patriots may have been intentionally breaking this rule since 2007? In fact, what If I told you that there was a good possibility that at the very time the Patriots were caught in Spygate they were also deflating balls and that while they were under investigation for cheating they were still cheating without a care in the world for the rules?

Contrary to popular belief I like to give my enemies and rivals the benefit of the doubt when it comes to scandalous behavior, I like to put myself in their shoes and put forth my best effort to read up and educate myself on the situation before I get on my little blog and tell the world they are low-life scumbags. Anyone that knows me or has read my work is well aware that if you are a piece of shit then I will call you out, even if you are on my own team.

In my efforts to read all sides and stories of this situation I stumbled across a rather intense football analyst by the name of Warren Sharp who found some very interesting things. Back when Deflate-gate first occurred Sharp quickly went to work and discovered that back in 2006 Peyton Manning and Tom Brady were responsible for quietly getting a NFL rule changed that would allow every team to provide its own footballs to use on offense during road games. Even more interesting though is after gathering statistical data on the rate at which every NFL team fumbles the ball, he prepared a rather lengthy review of his findings titled: Stats Show the New England Patriots Became Nearly Fumble-Proof after 2006 Rule Change Proposed by Tom Brady.

For anyone who has a level head and actually understands math, if you look at the numbers Sharp compiled together in his report its damn near unbelievable. Under Bill Belichick from 2000-2006 the Patriots remained in the average of fumbles per touch for non-dome teams. After the rule change lobbied by Brady however things quickly changed,  in 2006 the Patriots went from one fumble every 39 plays to one fumble every 76 plays in 2007. The rate at which the Patriots have fumbled the ball since that time has been deemed to be damn near statistically impossible, as a Data Scientist at ZestFinance describes it as “like winning a raffle where you have a 0.0001711874 probability to win”.

Obviously if the football is under-inflated that is going to give an advantage to whoever is holding on to the ball. With athletes as big and strong as they are in the NFL you sure do see an awful lot of balls being popped loose from some of the strongest and best players in the NFL. That’s because the regulation air pressure in a football gives a fair opportunity to both the player holding the ball as well the player trying to knock it loose. If that ball is under-inflated though then the offense retains a competitive advantage that is clearly trying to be prevented by the air pressure rule in place.

Now this is where the argument of “it was only one game and we destroyed them anyway’s” comes into play. Was it only just one game or 8 whole seasons?! Sharp’s initial research has indicated that the statistical probability of their fumble ratio since 2007 is almost impossible while playing under the same rules as the rest of the league. Even more interesting though is what he discovered after the Wells report was released that claimed it was more probable than not that Tom Brady was generally aware of what was happening. He took notice in his recent report titled: The Wells Report Delivered an Innocuous Bombshell that Few Noticed that the man known as “the Deflator” Jim McNally, has been employed by the Patriots for 32 years but has held his current title since 2007.  That would be the exact time that the Patriots miraculously  reduced their instances of fumbling virtually overnight.

It’s also worth noting that people have come across Sharp’s collection of data and responded with skepticism, one of those people decided to run his own study and was later quoted as saying this:

“the existence of the Patriots’ extremely low fumble rate, as a Bayesian matter, makes it much more likely that the Patriots were intentionally cheating… and more likely that the Patriots have materially benefited from their cheating.”

Most importantly is that the data suggest that this all started at the vey moment the Patriots were busted for Spygate! Meaning that they got caught cheating and at no point even seemed to consider not cheating in other area’s of the game, even though the entire organization was being dragged through the mud on a national scale. That really has to say something about what kind of cheating lowlife scumbags we are actually dealing with here.

I highly recommend you take a look at the analytical data presented by Warren Sharp, it’s very compelling information regardless of what team you route for. You take into consideration the advantage a team has by under-inflating a ball for a more secure grip and the fact that, according to Sharp’s report “the team who wins the turnover battle wins 79% of all NFL games”.  This means that the Patriots may not fairly deserve any victory they have celebrated since 2007.

Its also impossible to discuss this issue without bringing up Tom Brady bold face lying to the world at his initial Deflate-gate press conference. He stood there and told the world that the game moves so fast that he doesn’t have time to worry about the weight or feel of the ball. Yet in 2006 while successfully lobbying to change the rule he was quoted as saying things like “some [quarterbacks] like them blown up a little bit more, some like them a little more thin” as well as “there’ve been nights before road games when I have had trouble sleeping because I’m thinking about what kind of footballs I’ll be throwing the next day.”.  Now that doesn’t sound like somebody who is so concerned about the speed of the game that his main weapon is just an afterthought in the grand scheme of things. Nope, sounds like a cheating liar.

Not only does he sound like a cheating liar, he looks like one too by refusing to cooperate with the investigagtion into this matter. Let’s not also forget that Stephen Gostkowski also refused to cooperate with the invistigation. When the two players on a team who care most about what condition the football is in BOTH refuse to cooperate into the investigation about the footballs their team uses, well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see whats going on here.

League rules state that any matter involving an on field issue demands the cooperation of all players involved, but yet both Brady and Gostkowski stood there and told the NFL “f*ck your rules!”. That might have a little bit to do with why people hate the Patriots, that and the questionable integrity in which they won every single one of their SuperBowl rings. I can assure you that we don’t hate you cause we aint you, we actually want to be nothing like you, even if that means never winning a championship. You can have as many tainted championships as you want, just man up and be real about it though because you’re coming off as stupid.

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