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ESPN’s Britt McHenry strikes a nerve with blue collar Buffalonians over towing tirade

Britt McHenry strikes a nerve with blue collar Buffalonians over towing tirade

So, I have been following this whole ESPN brat gets her car towed saga and yes, I have a few thoughts. I don’t know about you but watching the lovely, talented and (as she let me know) college educated Britt McHenry get her car out of the clink, I was brought right back to the 11th grade. And yes, in high school I hated girls just like Ms. McHenry. I am sure she was quite the party for somebody like me. Turning up her nose, snickering in my face as her and her equally tight assed friends pranced through the hallways of their high school.

Well, Britt you might have been special back in high school but me and the rest of the tax-paying public think you are nothing but a self-entitled little brat, as you bludgeon some poor women trying to carve out a living in the tow truck lot. Good for you, God blessed you with a nice figure and white teeth. You’re right… that gave you a leg up, but it doesn’t make you better. As the video surveillance camera showed us all, you are much…much worse than the vast majority of us out here blessed with back fat, bad teeth and hair in all the wrong places.

And hey ESPN if you’re really interested in punishing the lovely and talented Britt McHenry, then screw you and that one week time out you put her in. How about this? Have the beautiful, photogenic, talented, educated, superior Ms. McHenry do her special job on television from the sidelines in Buffalo, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Cleveland…you know where Britt thinks all the ugly, crooked teeth people live and work. Don’t suspend her, make her stand on those sidelines week after week after week so we all can tell her in our very unique, crooked teeth, uneducated way just what we think of her.

I have a few women in my life who would be able to string together a couple sentences standing at the tunnel of “the Ralph” that would let Britt know exactly where she can stick her self entitled silver spoon. And some of them are as equally attractive as you Britt. The difference is they are also decent, hardworking blue-collar people who would never treat the waitress, maid, and yes… even the tow truck attendant as being anything less than them. That’s the difference between us and you…

You want to really punish Ms. McHenry? Let her make her living on television from the sideline at Ralph Wilson stadium.

We’ll be nice…I promise.

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