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ESPN personality calls Buffalo fans miserable, causes reaction from Buffalo Bruises

ESPN personality calls Buffalo fans miserable, causes reaction from Buffalo Bruises

Alright, so the Sabres lost to Columbus Friday night to secure 30th place in the NHL, in a year where last place guarantees either Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel, two superstars in making. For almost this whole season Sabres fans around the world have been watching the games with clenched fist as they pray that our goalie tears his ACL on a 2 on 1.

Seriously, we traded our #1 goalie Enroth for someone who was considered one of the worst goalies in the league, only for Lindback to come on to the team and start playing like a top ten goalie. On top of that Tim Murray stripped the team of any serious talent for draft picks and of course Evander Kane who just had season ending surgery and wont play until next year. The roster left on the Sabres was supposed to do horrible and secure a last place finish in the NHL, little did the Sabres realize they have drafted some serious talent over the past few years and these kids are going places whether you like it or not.

So when the Sabres lost to Columbus to secure at least the 2nd overall pick and at least guarantee us Jack Eichel along with getting a 20% chance at Connor McDavid, Sabres fans rejoiced, they shouted out it happiness while setting off fireworks knowing that with the talent we have already drafted, adding either of these two players is probably going to net us a Stanley Cup in the near future.

Sabres fans were naturally excited that we will be getting at least one of the two premiere players available in this this years draft, I know myself I damn near had tears in my eyes knowing that these past 2 seasons finishing dead last in the NHL was actually going to pay off for us. The Sabres already had what was being considered one of the best prospect pools in the NHL, so to add such talent in either McDavid or Eichel is just so unbelievable that every Sabres fan SHOULD be shouting towards the sky in happiness.

You know who’s not happy about it? The “On-Air and Radio/Digital/SM Marketing” person of ESPN Ithaca Eric Silverman. Not only is he not happy about it, he also decided to take a cheap shot at us Buffalo fans after we secured last place Friday night…

I can not even put into words how pissed off this tweet made me, personally knowing the Buffalo fans and knowing that win or lose we love and support our team, knowing that any given game we are far from “miserable” infuriated me. Especially at a time when we find out we are finally getting our number 1 center that we have been wanting for countless years now, to call us ecstatic Buffalo fans ‘miserable’ was just the wrong way to word things, because unlike the fan bases of his favorite teams, we actually still care about our teams whether we win or lose…

I’m not really sure I even need to say anything more after that, but I’m going to because I’m James Kriger!

If you want to be a miserable Jets/Mets/Knicks/Rangers fan then fine, but what Buffalo has is something special, win or lose we love our team and are excited every time they play, every game is a chance to beat whoever we are playing. Even if your team sucks and you lose faith doesn’t mean that the fans of Buffalo will ever relate with your shitty “miserable” ways.

If I could honestly give one solid piece of advice, I tweeted it at you earlier Eric Silverman and I mean it from the bottom of my heart…

I’m watching the hashtags and if you have something shitty to say then don’t tweet it. Just shut your mouth and watch your teams play with your shitty fan bases, because we here in Buffalo will just tell you that you can take your bullshit back to your shitty fanbase!

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