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EJ Manuel blasted with horrible hate Tweets after loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars

EJ Manuel blasted with horrible hate Tweets after loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars

So most Bills fans are not in the best mood right now after losing by 3 points to the Jacksonville Jagaurs. The final score of 34-31 really doesn’t properly represent the absolute shit show that the EJ Manuel led Bills put on this week and even considering everything that went wrong for us,  we still had a chance to win or tie the game with a 2 minute drive.

At one point I stopped paying attention to the game, when Jacksonville was up 27-03 in the 2nd quarter I instead decided to scroll through Facebook. What I found on Facebook was that an awful lot of my friends were not too pleased with the performance of EJ Manuel. Here, take a look at just a few of the post that I seen going around during the game…

There was so many post just like this I couldn’t believe how almost every single Bills fan came together to insult the shit out of Manuel. Although I had to give credit to that last one, that post was pretty creative. When the Bills started actually scoring points and Manuel threw a 50+ yard TD strike to Marcus Easley, the social media berating of Manuel slowed down considerably. That is until after the game and the final score had us 3 points short of our opponents, that’s when things really got nasty. Especially on Twitter.

Now forget about the hundreds of tweets about how awful people think EJ Manuel is, my main concern are the tweets sent directly to Manuel, the ones that are going to show up in his notifications. I’ve previously expressed how much I do not approve of sending players or people in general such negative messages, but when hundreds of people all gang up to do it that is on a whole different level of awful. Here is just a fraction of what EJ Manuel was sent on Twitter today…

I understand that fans are mad about the outcome of the game but come on guys, seeing you people come together to shame someone over a game is kind of sickening. It legitimately makes me sad that instead of offering words of support and encouragement, we are instead making every effort into shaming someone over the outcome of a game. Seriously, Is this good sportsmanship? Is this how you want the players on this team to perceive their fans? As heartless and selfish monsters? I don’t want our team to lose any more than you do, but have a little class and accept the defeat like a man.

The Buffalo Bills fan base sure has its fair share of pieces of shit and as you know I do not hesitate to put them in the spotlight and acknowledge their terrible behavior, because I honestly don’t want to be associated with them as I try to enjoy this team win or lose. While gathering the mean, angry and otherwise unnecessary tweets towards EJ Manuel I came across a few tweets that absolutely infuriated me. They go way beyond being upset at losing to the Jaguars and it seriously needs to be addressed.

I’m not even sure how to explain the awful things that were tweeted to Manuel, they were disgusting, ignorant and completely uncalled for…

All of these tweets are completely f*cked, and the people who tweeted them are without a doubt the scum of this earth. I don’t want these racist, homophobic internet bullies sending tweets to the players of my favorite team and representing what true Bills fans have to say. Some of these people obviously have some awful parents, the kind of parents that are neglectful drug addicted alcoholics. Because good parents don’t raise their children to behave like this, good parents teach respect and kindness not hate and bigotry. When you look at yourself in the mirror I sure hope you are not too ignorant to recognize what awful pieces of shit you are, I hope you at least realize what a better world this would be without YOUR existence.

EJ Manuel lost a god damn football game, he didn’t murder your sister, rape your grandma or even rob the change out of your car. He had a bad game in a game you weren’t even playing in, what the gives you the right to treat him like that? I’m done with this shit, keep it classy Buffalo.

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