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Dumb Tweet of the Week: Marko… POLO!

Dumb Tweet of the Week: Marko POLO

There are a lot of stupid people in the world today.  There are people that are so incredibly stupid that when they do something stupid they think it’s just normal and decide to tweet about it.

Enter Marko “Polo” Beslach:

As you probably know, there was an idiot fan who tried to help his team out by shining a laser pointer in our players eyes. There wasn’t anything mentioned about it on the broadcast but I remember 2 plays in particular where Dan Carpenter and Kyle Orton were complaining to the referee about something.  Regardless, this clown decided that he was going to try to cheat to affect the game, in addition to the referees picking up flags to try and help the Lions, but neither could help the fact that the Lions are a terrible football team and their scumbag fans deserve them.

I decided to look into Marko Belsach a bit more and I found out that he went to Walled Lake Central where he played football and he was almost able to bench press his weight.

I also found him on Facebook where he most likely paid 3 girls to pose in a picture with him.  Also, check out his likes.

Marko is now private on Twitter, but the fact remains, this dude tried to cheat at a Lions game, failed miserably and then bragged about it on social media.  Thank you Marko for this weeks “Dumb Tweet of the Week”!

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