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Dolphins sign Raisin Dick to help out at LB

Dolphins sign Raisin Dick to help out at LB

Kelvin Sheppard sucks.  After wasting a 3rd round pick in the 2011 NFL draft on Kelvin Sheppard he somehow managed to make the team and somehow played middle linebacker for us on some of the worst Buffalo defenses in history (shocking, right?).  The best day in Buffalo Bills history was September 9, 2014 when Terry Pegula bought the Buffalo Bills, however it is closely followed by April 29, 2013, the day we traded Tic-Tac balls away to the Indianapolis Colts in an even trade with Jerry Hughes.

Now let me take that back, because when I say even trade, what I really mean to say is that we flat out tricked the Colts into giving us a guy they used a previous first round pick on for one of the biggest busts in NFL history.  Kelvin Sheppard is probably one of the worst football players to ever play a down in the NFL.  Kelvin Sheppard should have never even been drafted or played in an NFL game, yet somehow he managed to compile these stats.

For amassing 196 tackles and 3 sacks with his skill set, he should be a lock to make the NFL Hall of Fame.  I was always surprised that Raisin Dick Sheppard was able to run out of the tunnel at Ralph Wilson Stadium without tripping over his own feet.  Jerry Hughes had 10 sacks last season for the Bills and, obviously to no one’s surprise, the Colts cut Sheppard after one horrendous season.

So when I saw this tweet:

Excited and extremely blessed to be newest member of the Miami Dolphins!!! #FinsUp #Blessed #LetsGetIt

— Kelvin Sheppard (@KelvinSheppard) September 8, 2014

I was so happy that we would get to play against Sheppard on Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  If Sheppard is starting, which he probably will be with all of the Dolphins linebackers injured, I would expect CJ Spiller to rush for 400 yards and have 11 touchdowns.

Just look at his stupid hair.  Tons of NFL players have that hair and they don’t look god awful like Kelvin Sheppard does.  I just wanted to end this with a picture I found when I searched “Kelvin Sheppard Sucks” on Google.

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