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Did the Buffalo Bills cap individual tickets to break season ticket record?

Did the Buffalo Bills cap individual tickets to break season ticket record

There are quite a few fans out there who are not too thrilled about the Bills announcing that the first 3 home games have already been sold out before those without season tickets even got a chance to buy them. There was a whole world of emotions circulating throughout Bills fans soon after the official Bills Twitter account.

I didn’t even know the tweet went out until people started texting me to say what bullshit it was. I understood their frustration, the first few home games are by far the most desirable due to the nice weather during the early part of the season. There is not much that is better than attending a Bills game on a comfortable 60 degree and sunny day.  A lot of fans like to hit up a game before its 10 degrees outside and the wind is tearing through your face for 3 hours, so there are naturally a lot of pissed off Bills fans right now.

Even though I am not a season ticket holder and those first few games are my ideal games to attend, I thought this news was awesome. We went from not being sure if we were going to sell out games last year to selling out nearly half of our home games before tickets even went on sale to the public. That is just crazy and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. The Bills are going to be the hottest ticket in town and that’s something this organization deserves. Sure the bandwagon fans are going to fill up a lot of those seats and raise prices for those that have supported this team through thick and thin, but real fans know deep in their heart that refusing to pay outrages prices to go to a game does not disprove their loyalty.

Also you can always go to the game and participate in the best part of going to the games, there is no ticket required to tailgate and there are several bars in walking distance to watch the game at afterwards. You replace the outrageous stadium price of beer and food with that of a bar and you find that your money goes a lot farther, which is something you wont find me complaining about.

All that aside though, I have been following this whole ticket situation a little more closely than I actually care for. When the Bills announced that the first three games have already been sold out I thought it was a little odd that in the very same statement they announced that season tickets are still available. I thought to myself “how can no tickets be available but there are still season tickets for purchase? how much sense does that make?”. So there ARE still tickets available, but they have been reserved for season ticket holders? That is the thing that should piss off fans the most, because at this rate every single home game is going to sell out this year, but they are reserving who knows how many seats for more season ticket holders?

Now some of you may be wondering why they would do something like that, they have already blown out the number of season ticket holders from last year, so why cut off the fans before they even get a chance to buy individual tickets? Well I think a lot of it has to do with them wanting to ensure they break the season ticket record this season. Now I’m not just stabbing in the dark on this one, there was a tweet put out last week by Vic Carucci that said the Bills were close to breaking that record…

That tweet was sent out 4 days before the Bills announced that the first 3 games were sold out unless you buy season tickets, and there was no tweet or statement in that time that informed us of that record being broken. So Vic Carucci or whoever he was talking to expected that record to be broken that very day, yet 4 days passes and no record broken. How do you get people to buy more season tickets in order to break that record? Well for one you can tell them they cant go to the most desirable games of the season unless they have them. Is that what is actually happening here? I really don’t know, but it certainly looks that way doesn’t it?

All I know is that tickets for the first 3 games are sold out but season tickets, which include tickets for those very same games are still available. On top of that it is in a year where they have smashed to pieces the number of season tickets sold the previous season, so why are even more season tickets being reserved? Lets not forget that a few weeks ago we were hearing this…

You remember that? You should because it was the talk of the town just a month ago, but now they have capped individual ticket sales and made more season tickets available? Are you guys serious? I mean do the Bills realize we have the internet? Its not like we have to sift through over 100 issues of the Buffalo news to put all the pieces together. Maybe they just think we’re not that bright and wont remember the things they told us 4 weeks ago.

I don’t know, I’m not personally too concerned about it. I’ll just watch the game at home with my good friends, cheap beer and a grill full of barbaric meats. But its definitely worth noting what is going on here, because it doesn’t make any sense to me that they cut off people who simply cant afford season tickets just so they can ensure they break a meaningless record. The very people who supported this team when they were at their worst are being told that the organization is now too good for them. That definitely bothers me because those fans are the main reason we even have a team right now. Without those very die hard fans you would be selling tickets for Bon Jovi right now, so just think about that for a moment as you break your silly little record.

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