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Daniel Tosh has every right to be pissed about ESPN stealing his work

Daniel Tosh has every right to be pissed about ESPN stealing his work

Recently while perusing through my twitter feed I came across a few people being excited that Daniel Tosh recently referenced Buffalo in one of his latest segments on his Comedy Central show Tosh.0.  Truth be told its not the first Buffalo reference on his end as his blog actually featured the infamous “Tom Brady sits when he pee’s” sign,  along with a few other post that would take a lot more research than I’m willing to do right now.

Now the reference to Buffalo featured on the show was nothing to really get excited about, it was a dig at Chris Berman as he said that “nobody outside of Buffalo’ wants to hear what Berman has to say. Whether that is true or not, we in Buffalo don’t care because Berman is a Buffalo Bills fan and because of that it is absolutely true we want to hear whatever he wants to say. Now this article is not about the reference Daniel Tosh made to Buffalo, but the fact that he did gives me a pretty good reason to write about what thieving pieces of garbage ESPN are.

Before we go any further I should first explain what happened. Daniel Tosh has an awesome show on Comedy Central where he shows video’s while he makes jokes. Almost every episode he tapes a segment called “web redemption” where he brings in a guest featured in an embarrassing viral video and he ‘gives them a shot’ to redeem themselves. He usually takes whatever scenario that took place in their video and puts a comedic spin on it and has the guest conquer their previous obstacle, while asking virtually every guest “are you willing to give it another shot?” before cutting to a video of their redemption.

That is where ESPN comes in, they flat out stole the WHOLE bit and understandably Daniel Tosh was pissed. His segment pretty much explains everything from there so check it out…

Now I’m no stranger to having my work stolen from people that are far bigger than I am, I actually had Buffalo Bills reporter Chris Brown steal my “quarterback carousel” headline hours after I had written it. Admittedly it was a very creative headline at the time when we were going through QB’s like crazy, but it really bothered me that Chris Brown who was working for the actual Buffalo Bills was stealing from someone who is essentially a nobody in the world of sports writing. Naturally when I tweeted at Chris Brown and asked him why he stole my work he avoided me like the plague.

Daniel Tosh has every right to be pissed off about a sports conglomerate like ESPN stealing his whole bit and the catch phrase that goes with it while putting a completely different and shitty name on it. Awesome video segment? More like ‘Awful thieving garbage’. I personally have watched every single episode of Tosh.0 since it originally aired and when I first watched that ESPN segment I literally shouted out loud “you filthy thieving pieces of shit!”.

I’m not the only one that thinks that when you steal someones work then that makes you a piece of shit, Joe Rogan puts it perfectly as he describes Carlos Mencia’s joke stealing in the video below.

That’s not the only problem either, after Daniel Tosh aired his ‘sports science.0′ segment ESPN defended their actions as being a coincidence and said “We are looking forward to ‘giving it another shot’ in future installments of ‘The Awesome Video Segment.’”. What!? Are for real ESPN? You look forward to continuing stealing others people work? What kind of world do we live in when you get caught stealing from other people and then you release a statement saying you look forward to continue stealing their work? I feel like I’m taking crazy pill’s!!! (quote from Zoolander, dont want you to think I’m stealing it).

When Daniel Tosh signed off his sports sciene.0 segment with flipping the double bird I couldn’t have been happier and more proud of Daniel Tosh. If you want to get into the entertainment/comedy business then at least have the balls to try out your own thing instead of blatantly ripping off someone who has already put in a ton of work into something you just came to swoop in and steal. This is a new low ESPN and I will forever see your network as a bunch of spineless thieving pieces of garbage, hope it was worth it.

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