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Cleveland Browns Shock the World with Logo Change

Cleveland Browns Shock the World with Logo Change

The Cleveland Browns have been teasing a new logo for the past few months. In the midst of their wasted draft pick quarterback Johnny Manziel checking himself into rehab, the suffering fan base of Cleveland was give news of an updated logo. I love a majority of the Cleveland fan-base (those who aren’t annoying) as they are very similar to us. That being said, they don’t deserve what management has been doing to them over the past decade or so.

Given that, they decided to let the world know that they had a new logo coming! Their old logo is just so stupid, it’s a helmet. The orange colored football helmet for a team named the Browns is so dumb that it’s amazing it has lasted this long. So the Cleveland Browns organization shocked the world this morning:

Browns unveil updated logos.

— Cleveland Browns (@Browns) February 24, 2015

For those of you who think this is the same thing… Well you’re an idiot! This logo is new and exciting, features a brown facemask on the orange helmet and is completely renovated with a new style and probably those new buttons, but I’m just guessing. The best was yet to come, the comments on this tweet were superb:

@Browns @NathanZegura How original. — Fleeger and Briggs (@asylumfootball)

February 24, 2015

@Browns @AroundTheNFL Revolutionary.

— Lauren (@laurenjilek) February 24, 2015

@Browns that’s a joke, right? — Ryan Welsh (@ryanpwelsh)

February 24, 2015

“@Browns: Browns unveil updated logos.” We needed a big reveal for this?

— Ryan in Mentor (@BarkFu) February 24, 2015

The @Browns new logo more accurately represents the color of the flames coming off of the Cuyahoga River — THE LEGO COUCH GUY (@Ironghazi)

February 24, 2015

@Browns Hell I could’ve done that! What a joke and a let down, sound familiar? How about you unveil a winning team?

— 1_Last_Thing (@1_Last_Thing) February 24, 2015

Obviously they aren’t too happy about this, nor would I be. I still love Cleveland’s fanbase as they can keep a good sense of humor about their team through the tough times.

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