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Charles Pellien, Bills Fan Thunder and known children with cancer scamming Matt Schreiner look like BFF’s

Charles Pellien, Bills Fan Thunder and known children with cancer scamming Matt Schreiner look like BFF

So its been a few day’s since I wrote my article about Bills Fan Thunder and them acting like a bunch of scum bags, and let me tell you it hit more than a few nerves. Make no mistake, when you write horrible things about a person or group of people that do some really awesome things for the community you are naturally going to get some backlash. I absolutely got that backlash, funny thing is that I received far more messages about how I was right about Bills Fan Thunder than I got about me being a piece of shit for writing the article.

There is a good reason for that too, because I did my research before writing the article. I talked around to people that knew them well and was more than convinced that the information I had was absolutely true. The thing that some of you people don’t seem to understand is that I’m looking out for the good honest people in this community and when I find out somebody might be exploiting that then I’m jumping to the front of the line to put your shit out there. Love it or hate it I don’t give a god damn shit, but that’s what you are getting from me.

When it comes to Bills Fan Thunder its a serious problem though, because like I said they actually do good things for people. Its hard to believe that an organization that does some unbelievably awesome things for people is actually looking out for themselves, but I think some of you fail to truly realize what free money does to some people. Some of you fail to realize that my true intention for this blog is to bring true clarity  about the bullshit that is happening around us in this Bills community, and if you choose to not believe what I have to say then that is your right and I respect that.

With that said, I haven’t made up or even fabricated a single word about Charles Pellien or Bills Fan Thunder. If anything I failed to take the proper time and effort to fully expose the true extent of how deep this thing actually goes. If you want a little self admission, well then take it from Charles Pellien himself as this was his response to the article shared on our Bruises Facebook page…

Now I don’t know if you actually read what I had to write about Charles Pellien and BFT found HERE but it was down right horrible, so to see this reaction was so confusing to me on so many levels. It should be no surprise that he has since deleted the comment but the fact that he left a comment like this in the first place should be a very serious concern to some of you. I wrote some awful and disgusting things about him and his response is that he is thankful because now he can frame those accusations next to his awards?  Seriously guy’s, maybe you just hear me out for just a minute before dismissing what I have to say about this.

You want a little more of his reaction to my article? Here is the tail end of his ridiculous statement addressing my article and proving what a man of God he truly is…

I’m not even going to comment on how morbid. I’m not even going to get into the fact that he went from threatening me with lawyers to threatening me with God, we have more pressing matters at hand here. That matter would be Bills Fan Thunder’s association with Matt Schriener, an association no good honest person wants to see, but one Charles Pellien is defending. If you are unfamiliar with why we have a problem with Matt Schriener then you seriously need to read the article I wrote about him scamming children with cancer which you can find by clicking HERE. Its honestly an infuriating story and when I wrote it Charles Pellien told me him and BFT were disassociating themselves from him because of it, here is what he sent me after I messaged him the article I wrote about Schreiner…

Honestly? Its funny how things change in just 3 months time, because here is Charles defending him just a few months later to somebody else…

You people reading this literally have no idea how much this response by Charles Pellien infuriates me. You can say what you want about me, you can say I’m making up shit to bring down a charity because I like making up stories, but I know deep down in my heart that whats going on here is complete bullshit and the fact that Pellien is defending this piece of shit should have you all paying very close attention to what is happening here. With that said, we are far from done here.

I received a phone call from Matt Schreiner a few weeks ago while I was on my lunch break, for those of you that don’t know when I was initially investigating Schreiner I texted him pretending to be somebody else to get a feel of what kind of person he was, turned out he was a piece of shit. I didn’t answer the call and thought he must be pocket dialing me. Nope, a week later when I got into a huge argument with Charles Pellien I started receiving a few more calls from Schreiner. The first thing I asked myself “is he pocket dialing me again?” but then the second call came through and I realized this world class scumbag was actually trying to talk to me. Problem was it was Friday night and I was partying like a god damn maniac. However that didn’t keep me from noticing the text messages he started sending me, one after another inviting me to autograph session after autograph session taking place all over the country. Now I have to admit that I didn’t fully understand the context of what was happening while it was happening, all I seen was that he was blowing up my phone with this bullshit.

The thing that Schreiner apparently doesn’t know is that at heart I am one of the most aggressive trolls you will ever encounter in your life, sure I try to control it but he struck a nerve with the numerous bullshit text he sent me and I had a belly full of booze. So I got into a little friendly argument with him, I informed him that one of his own family members recently contacted me to tell me that I was so on the money about him (which is very much true) and that seemed to shut him up pretty quick. Then I waited until 2 a.m. and sent him over 200 text about us now being best friends and then tried calling him 47 times. Needless to say I haven’t heard a word from him since, but I sincerely hope one day I will. After all, he’s the one that showed me it was ok to send numerous unsolicited text messages.

Now the thing about that story that is not easy to piece together is why he sent me a bunch of text about all the autograph sessions taking place around the country. And I have to admit I had some help figuring this one out, sometimes it just takes talking to your friends about whats going on to get a different perspective on things. It wasn’t until I discussed the situation the I realized that Schreiner had become aware of me questioning the legitimacy of his autographs.

You want to know who I questioned about the legitimacy of his autographs? If you guessed Charles Pellien you would be the god damn grand prize winner right now. Ive been told by several people that Charles Pellien and Matt Schreiner are good friends, and have been told that they have been good friends before they were in Facebook groups.  That kind of explains why Schreiner tried calling me 2 weeks ago even before this whole Bruises vs Bills Fan Thunder thing happened, because I was at that time questioning the legitimacy of his autographs before this whole story broke. I mean I already ruined his whole “im painting for cancer” gig, I can totally understand why he would try to aggressively attack me questioning his new source of income.

Matt is legitimately a fat lazy slob that is not at all interested in working a good honest days work, he wants to get paid for finger painting and telling people its for cancer. Dont believe me? I have a source that would make you regret doubting anything I say about this, and I have it recorded and ready to take to court. Would you believe that Matt tried convincing an old lady to buy more stuff off of him and told her to say it was for cancer, when she said “but its not for cancer” Matt’s reaction was “it works every time”. That’s the kind of guy we’re dealing with here, that’s the kind of guy Charles Pellien is defending so he can set him up at his tailgate and accept shady looking autographed balls to raffle off.

Now before we get into this it is important to note that after the last article I wrote about Bills Fan Thunder I was messaged by somebody who told me that Charles Pellien regularly goes into a certain hobby shop and spends hundreds of dollars on sports memorabilia. The person who told me this didn’t know what he did for a living but said the amount he spends “doesnt make sense unless he a lawyer “. Not just hundreds of dollars, apparently his last visit he spent a grand on sports memorabilia. Now even if your like “what the the hell is that suppose to mean?” I got a little twist you.

Charles Pellien has apparently spent thousands of dollars on official sports memorabilia complete with certificates of authenticity but when it comes to raffling off things for his own charity he chooses to raffle off this ball from none other than Matt Schreiner…

If you are by chance questioning whether or not it actually came from Matt Schreiner and that Charles Pellien would actually be so bold as to disassociate himself from a known cancer scammer, then allow me to add some clarity to that…

Now last I knew Charles you disassociated yourself from Matt because you couldn’t have your 501 c3 company associated with pieces of shit like this, what happened? Are you a liar? Where you like “we’ll just wait a few months and it will all be good Matt”? I heard you have both been seen together at the casino fairly early in the morning, is that what you are doing with the money you are raising for charity? For the children

Back to the Sammy Watkins ball, apparently Matt says that he is good friends with Sammy Watkins and that he signs anything Matt Schreiner wants whenever he needs it. This is understandably a very suspect story that most of us will not believe, but this is the story Matt is telling people. Apparently it doesn’t stop there though, somebody messaged me on twitter about Matt recently and after I told him what I know about him and Sammy Watkins relationship this is what he told me…

Now honestly? What are the odds that this cancer scammer has the personal cell numbers of both Sammy Watkins and Bobby Ryan? I mean by all means if those guys come to me and tell me “yeah that dude is my boy” then I’ll believe it, but you have to be straight dumb as shit if you believe this shit. Lets not forget the fact that Matt Schreiner is selling Watkins balls for $80 when the going market is $250 and don’t even think about asking him for a certificate of authenticity, because he’s not going to provide one.

Do you trust Matt Schreiner? Do you trust Charles Pellien knowing he’s defends a known cancer scammer? Honestly? Believe what you want, but if you dont stop to just consider the possibility that what I’m saying is true then you need help I cant give you. To be continued…

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