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CBS sports analyst Bart Scott stands by his insults of Buffalo

CBS sports analyst Bart Scott stands by his insults of Buffalo

Well, if anything you’re supposed to respect people for sticking to their guns and standing up for what they truly believe in. But what if their beliefs include insulting a whole city without actually having any knowledge about it? What if that person’s believes in making other people feel inferior because they have an Applebee’s in the area? Is that honestly something anybody should respect? Well CBS sports analyst and washed up NFL linebacker Bart Scott certainly thinks so.

We recently covered an event where Bart Scott had some not so nice things to say about Buffalo in series of tweets that featured atrocious grammar and uneducated statements. If you are not familiar with the situation then you can find my profanity fueled article about it HERE. There are actually a few interesting things to note here, the first being that Scott is from America’s city of beautiful flowers and fine dining…. Detroit. Secondly is the fact that he called Buffalo a “worst place” than New Jersey, which would imply that he thinks that the very place that he used to play for is also a shithole. He very casually told all you Jets fans in New Jersey that he thinks your city is complete shit, but its ok because Buffalo is “worst” than you.

It gets a lot worse though, but before we get to that we really should take a look at him defending the shitty opinions he has to offer the people in this world…

From the very start of of the video our friend dressed in purple announces that Rex Ryan is the Bills new head coach with excitement while asking if its a good fit, you’ll never believe who just can’t wait to jump in and say “Ha Ha! probably not man”. Thats right, it was Bart Scott and he couldn’t wait to tell everyone watching that we in Buffalo gave him a lot of flack for using ‘worst in the wrong context’ and that it was the only reason Buffalonians were so upset with what he had to say.

Notice he doesn’t tell the good people of the world that he did his best to insult everyone in the city of Buffalo by saying that our only 5 star ‘resturant’ was Applebee’s. Notice he doesn’t tell people that he actually knows nothing about the restaurants in Buffalo and is merely following the ignorance of former disgruntled Bills players. Notice there was not a single ounce of regret for calling all of Buffalo a shit hole. There’s actually a good reason for that though, its because he actually thinks Buffalo is some desolate snow desert that for some reason has an Applebee’s in the middle of it.

His explanation for why Rex Ryan in not a good fit however absolutely takes the cake as he proclaims that Ryan is walking into the same situation that he had in New York with a great defense and horrible quarterback. While he says that I can’t help but think “how can you compare Buffalo’s defense with the Jets?!”. All the while he fails to mention that the Bills have an owner that wants to spend every possible penny bringing in top talent unlike what is going on with the Jets. He says that Ryan should of held out for an opportunity to coach an aging Matt Ryan, but it seems that Rex was pretty quick to sign with the Bills after spending a few days in Florida with Terry Pegula. Pegula isn’t messing around and is prepared to spend every available resource to make the Bills a Super Bowl contender, do you really want to say that is the same situation as whats going on in New Jersey?

But your right Bart Scott, you know so much about our team and city that you might as well just keep bashing good people because your former team sucks balls and isn’t getting better anytime soon. Rex Ryan is taking over a team with a new owner that is committed to making his team the best in the NFL and you want him to hold out so he can coach a quarterback that’s not even going to be in the league in a few years? That’s what I call your typical Bart Scott bumbling stupidity.

Bart Scott even said it himself when asked why Rex Ryan went to Buffalo, his response was “because money talks”. Thats right Bart Scott, money talks and Terry Pegula is prepared to spend every penny to bring a Super Bowl to Buffalo, and you want him to go to Atlanta for what? To coach old ass Matt Ryan? Like Rex Ryan is going to bring that team to the Super Bowl because it has a proven veteran quarterback who’s getting old as balls? Get out of here!

Perhaps the most irritating, frustrating and entertaining part of the video is when Bart Scott says “Don’t do it Rex… Applebee’s!!!”. This guy is absolutely convinced that Applebee’s is the ONLY place to eat in Buffalo. Seriously, Holy shit! Now I know for a fact that swarms of people tweeted him that Applebee’s isn’t the only god damn restaurant in town but for some odd reason he has absolutely convinced himself of this. Even better, for some reason CBS is just fine with him insulting a whole entire region and is allowing him to spew this garbage on national TV. What is actually going on here? Buffalo honestly deserves better than this, not just us though, EVERYONE deserves better than this. Its a true shame when you can insult people based on ignorant misinformation and then a national broadcasting station allows you to continue doing it.

I guess the real question here is, who is to blame? The ignorant washed up NFL linebacker or the national broadcasting station that allows him to tell the world uneducated and disrespectful garbage?

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