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CBS sports analyst Bart Scott bashes the whole city of Buffalo

CBS sports analyst Bart Scott bashes the whole city of Buffalo

For some strange reason high profile people just love to say terrible things about Buffalo. Why? I really cant figure it out, especially when you consider the fact that Buffalo never did anything to these people. They just feel the need to tweet bad things about our city without a single good reason.

Some of you probably know that we here at Buffalo Bruises have had no shortage in coverage on these assholes that have somehow convinced themselves its cool to bash a whole city because they don’t like something that is happening with our football team. You all remember Omar Kelly, right? Well meet his secret lover Bart Scott, who apparently has been soaking in the wonderful words of wisdom Kelly has for the world about Buffalo as they lay in bed together.

Can you picture it? Bart Scott going down on Omar Kelly while he groans the words “oh…. yeah…. Buffalo sucks… yeah…. its a shithole… dont stop…. ohhh…. Buffalo…” That’s pretty much how I picture what is going on with these two, and you should understand why when you see what Bart Scott had to tweet recently.  Check it out…

@JamesKriger @BartScott57 he hasn’t learned how to spell restaurant either.

— Ryan John (@GueliRyan) January 11, 2015

Yep, Buffalo is just the worstest! It should be no surprise that these tweets were deleted, which I’m not sure why since screen caps of them have been flying around the Bills community all day. You can’t pretend you didn’t say something when everybody took a picture of you saying it. Instead of deleting the tweets you should own up to what you said like a god damn man, not hide it like a pussy.

Who is Bart Scott you ask? That’s actually a very good question since nobody seems to really know. He’s actually had a pretty nice 11 year career in the NFL as a linebacker, even making the pro bowl once. Now he is an analyst for CBS sports, a real shitty one with horrible grammar and bad insults. I mean seriously, why would you call EJ Manuel a bench? What does that even mean? Going around and looking at what people had to say about his work with CBS left me completely entertained.

Here are just a few things people had to say about Bart Scott’s TV work….

“hes a washed up pathetic defensive player. frankly i cringe every time he speaks on tv”

“You see the smug looks sometimes. He’s truly a terrible TV analyst.”

“he should be fired for simply being a terrible “analyst”.”

I’m not sure how many people actually like this guy because I wasn’t able to find any, so that really leaves me wondering why in the world is CBS allowing one of its employees to bad mouth and insult people? Why in the world would anybody think its ok to behave like this, regardless of where you work? I mean if the whole city of Buffalo raped your parents then I would understand having a problem with the whole city, but to bash us because you don’t like the decision our football team is making is completely out of line. One of the worst things to me is him criticizing our restaurants, or as he thinks its spelled ‘resturants’. Look, Doug Marrone didn’t blow up to the size of the stay puff marshmallow man in 2 years because our best restaurant was Applebee’s. And even if that was the best restaurant we had, that makes us a bunch of low life bums? I’ll have you know that Applebees has a fantastic menu with large array of delightful appetizers. If want to keep talking shit about Buffalo so you can look cool, well then consider yourself the coolest guy I know.

I cant imagine CBS isn’t being flooded with emails and tweets about this whole thing, and they absolutely should be. If a major broadcasting station allows its employees to insult a whole city just because Rex Ryan might come to Buffalo.

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