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Campaign started to raise money for charity by showing how much you hate the Patriots

Campaign started to raise money for charity by showing how much you hate the Patriots

Those who read my recent article titled Looking deeper into the pure stupidity of Patriots fansknows that I was appalled and disgusted with the Patriots fans raising money for the $1 million fine handed to them by the league. Not only are they raising money to give it to a god damn billionaire, but at the same time they are showing their support for cheating and everything wrong with the game.

I made no effort to hide how I truly felt about the situation and I still stand by every every word that I said. After thinking long and hard about how something like this could actually happen while getting hundreds of people to support it, I thought there has to be a way to bring some good out of this. That is where donating to charity to show how much you hate the Patriots was born.

I started a gofundme campaign of my own called Show Patriots fans how its done in which the goal is to raise more money for an actual good cause, than they have raised to throw at a billionaire who doesn’t even need it. I also figured it was no secret that most fans around the league despise them so why not also use this opportunity to show them exactly how much we really do hate them.  I firmly believe that if we band together as fans around the league we could do a tremendous amount of good for the people who fought for this country and actually need our help.

All donations will go to the Disabled American Veterans, because they are the REAL patriots! Not these are crying bloody murder because they were actually punished for breaking the rules. I can guarantee that if you tell any disabled veteran about why the Patriots fans are raising money, their response would probably make my previous article look like a birthday letter to an 8 year old.

Now for anyone that thinks its wrong to ‘hate’ anyone, its not. You have every right to hate anything or anyone that you want. Its the right that the veterans we are raising money for fought and lost so much for.  Now to physically attack someone based on that hate is another story, that is wrong. But how wrong is it to raise money and awareness in an effort to make a positive impact in this world based off that hate? That’s something pretty special if you ask me.

For those of you that don’t mind being open about your hatred, lets do something good for people who actually need it and tell Pats fans! Everybody can do this, whether you are a Bills fan, a Seahawks fan, or even a pee wee baseball fan. All it takes is $5 and I am quite certain that there are enough people with $5 and a hatred for the Patriots that we could turn this thing into something that everyone around the NFL is talking about.

So please help spread this around, make sure people understand how much good that can come out of their hatred for the Patriots. It can truly be a beautiful thing, we are just going to need some help.

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