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Rex Ryan’s “Build a bully” Quote Causes Controversy Among Idiots

Rex Ryans Build a bully Quote Causes Controversy Among Idiots

Can I get a big ‘ol what the actual for this trash? This was printed in The Buffalo News. It actually made print

— K. Carlson (@kdcarlson15) January 19, 2015

When I opened Twitter to this tweet, I was overcome with a lot of emotions, but @kdcarlson15.

These words were printed by The Buffalo News.  Someone decided to type this up, probably as a joke to play on the editor, the editor fell asleep and this made it to the paper.  The fact that any one person or group of people would be offended by Rex Ryan using “the b word” to describe a football team is just laughable.

First and foremost, you’re taking the word out of context.  If you generalize “bully” in the sense that Rex Ryan plans on teaching his players to give the other team wedgies and steal their lunch money every Sunday, you’re a complete moron.  If the first thing you think about is the youth and how they are going to react to this, my question to you would be why the hell are your children not at school on a Wednesday at noon?  If your child was around to watch the press conference, you’re a bad parent and bad parenting leads to kids lashing out to become bullies, so you’re a hypocrite too.

I am assuming based on this clip that this was a letter written to The Buffalo News by Peter and Carolyn Bills? If that’s the case, can I please ask you to change your last name, as you’re embarrassing our team.  With two people putting their heads together to send in this gem, I would have to assume it went like this:

“Did you hear that?  He said bully!” exclaimed Carolyn while preparing lunch.
“I think you’re reading too much into that, I think he meant in terms of football.” replied Peter.
Carolyn glared at him with potato peeler in hand and shouted, “write a letter… Now!”
Peter quickly hurried to his typewriter to prepare a letter, as he knew Carolyn was a loose cannon with a history of bullying him.

Peter and Carolyn need to relax.  If they took this as Rex Ryan making his players break all ties to charity, get neck tattoos and start wearing wallet chains, then they should probably just move to New Zealand.  Rex Ryan obviously meant that he was going to build a bully in the sense that he was going to create a giant Megazord like in Power Rangers where the defense would all morph into pieces of a really big giant person, that person being the bully.

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