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Buffalo Rumblings readers rage over some fun satire

Buffalo Rumblings readers rage over some fun satire

In case you missed it, Buffalo Rumblings writer Tom Colling posted an article today titled “Buffalo Bills offer Jerry Hughes 50 million yen contract” and boy did people lose their shit over it. The piece was complete satire if you couldn’t already tell from the title, and to be quite honest… it was pretty funny. There of course was an uproar as people hurried to comment that it was bullshit the article made it to the front page of the site and how it needs to be clearly labeled ‘satire’ in the title.

Now not everyone who read the piece had their panties in a twisted knot half-way into their bowel’s, a lot of people actually seemed to enjoy the humor Tom Colling gifted us with this ordinarily mundane Friday. However, far too many people had a serious problem with Mr. Colling getting a little creative and trying to have some fun on a serious Bills site. To those of you that hated Tom’s attempt and actually enjoying himself, you are the very reason why have to take everything so seriously and that’s just stupid.

I can completely relate with Tom in this situation as I’ve written a few satire pieces myself, one of which that really pushed a few buttons. Back when I was writing for Cover32 I wrote a piece at the time Micheal Sam got drafted titled ‘Popularity of Michael Sam leads to 80% of NFL players coming out as gay‘. The people who actually had a sense of humor thought it was hilarious, but there were a few who reacted as though I was calling a rally to execute homosexuals in the street.

Now I have this theory, the people that are the most pissed about these satire pieces are the ones we the author have fooled the most. People don’t like to be tricked you see. Whether its them thinking we re-signed Jerry Hughes or that 80%  of the league has actually come out as gay, when they find out they’ve been fooled they cant handle it and must strike back in a furious and vengeful attack of complete nonsense. Why the should we have to label what kind of article we have written in the title if you cant take the time to even properly read it? Why, if you understand it was satire after reading it should we have to tell you it was satire before you start reading it?

The people that should really be mad about these pieces are the one’s that believe its real after reading it and then tell all their friends about it like its real. The people that should be coming back to comment what an asshole you are for writing it are people like Joey, here’s an actual conversation between Joey and his friend at work regarding the Jerry Hughes article….

Joey: Hey Matt! How’s it going?

Matt: Hello Joey, whats going on?

Joey: I just heard Jerry Hughes re-signed!

Matt: no way! awesome!

Joey: yeah, 50 million yen for 5 years!

Matt: 50 million what?!

Joey: Yen!

Matt: dude, that’s only like… that’s retarded! HEY GUYS!!! JOEY’S A IDIOT!!!!

Now Joey is understandably pissed, even though he shouldn’t be because he is in fact a idiot. If you read that Hughes piece, told all your friends about it and now you look like an idiot, well that’s your own damn fault and you should learn from the experience and learn to do some god damn research before bragging to all your friends about the inside knowledge you have. If you read the Hughes piece, understood it was a joke and still lashed out in anger then you need to seriously question what you are doing with your life. It’s one thing that you are not even attempting to have any fun in your own life, but to tell others that they shouldn’t be having any fun either?  Why should anyone take life advice from people that have no sense of humor and want you to live a completely serious life? I’m afraid that’s simply not my game personally.

Tom Colling, we here at Buffalo Bruises more than appreciate your attempt to bring a little humor and fun to this world. The whole reason we started this site was for the sole purpose of our writers having the ability and freedom to have as much fun as possible. When we see someone trying to do that only to get a bunch of uptight assholes trying to bring you down and tell you that having fun is bad, well that’s just stupid. You keep doing your thing brother, and if you ever need a home for your ‘not serious’ articles we here at Buffalo Bruises will gladly publish anything you put together.

And to everyone that had something bad to say about Tom for just trying to have some fun.

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