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Buffalo Fans Care About Captains… Only Now Though

Buffalo Fans Care About Captains

Waking up late on a Monday is always pretty awesome. No alarm waking me up, just a natural feeling of the sun on my face and knowing that I don’t have to go to work. Then I went on Twitter and it’s apparently the end of the world that EJ Manuel was not named as a captain on the 2014 Buffalo Bills. This makes sense because we here in Buffalo care a lot about our captains and if you don’t have that C on your chest there is absolutely no way you can play well in professional athletics.

Honestly, there’s a proven track record of captains in both the major sports in Buffalo. I decided just to go back and take a look at how well some of our captains have performed, because of course, all of our captains deserved the C and this meant that they were ready to go out, perform and win us some games!

J.P. Losman – 2007

J.P. was clearly the leader we had been looking for. By October 23rd of 2007 Trent Edwards had replaced him as the starting QB. Losman hung around for another year before having a good season in the UFL. So we benched our captain. No one seemed to care.

Trent Edwards – 2010

Edwards was clearly a great leader and a great captain! He knew the game really well. In the second game of the season Edwards made his final play with the Buffalo Bills versus Green Bay when he ran out of bounds on fourth down about 7 yards short of the first down with 1:10 left in the game. Our brilliant captain was benched and then cut after the next game. We waived our captain. No one seemed to care.

Craig Rivet – 2011

Craig Rivet wore the C for the Buffalo Sabres from 2008 to February of 2011. Rivet was waived, that’s right our captain was waived in the 2011 season. Rivet cleared waivers, that’s right, he cleared waivers, and was sent to play for our AHL affiliate, the Portland Pirates. No one seemed to care.

Jason Pominville – 2012-2013

Pominville wore the captain C for a while, but mid season in 2012-2013 we traded our captain away to the Minnesota Wild. It was hilarious because then we just started playing with no captain. My men’s league team even has a captain. We just didn’t pick one! No one seemed to care.

Thomas Vanek – 2013-2014

So we rebounded with 2 captains in the 2013-2014 season to make up for it! I think we had a home captain and an away captain, probably just in case we traded one of them away like we did with Pominville. So obviously we traded one of our captains to the New York Islanders. No one seemed to care, but at least we still had another one!

Steve Ott – 2013-2014

Oh wait, we traded away our other captain later in the season! Ott went to the St. Louis Blues with Ryan Miller, so that left us without a captain for the third time in less than 2 seasons we traded away 3 captains. Of course we would replace him though… Oh wait we still haven’t. And… No one seems to care.

Captain C’s mean nothing in professional sports. Football is a bit different because the players get to vote on it, but I’m not sure you could look at any of our 6 captains and tell me that they made a mistake. We have way more than 6 leaders on the Buffalo Bills.

The Sabres on the other hand don’t have leaders, they just want to wear the C so they can try and get traded to a good team.

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