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Buffalo Bills sign Kyle Orton even though he sucks

Buffalo Bills sign Kyle Orton even though he sucks

OK, so the late breaking news is that the Buffalo Bills just signed one of the greatest disappearing acts the NFL has seen in the modern quarterback era. Kyle Orton, who has been in the NFL since 2005 and has spent time with the Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs and most recently the Dallas Cowboys.

I clearly remember Kyle Orton’s first few years in the league and I honestly thought he was going to be one of the better quarterbacks coming into the league. For a little bit there he was actually turning some heads but then somewhere along the line he seemed to just fall to pieces. In his 9 seasons in the NFL he has completed 1326 of 2265 pass attempts for a total of 15,019 yards and 83 touchdowns. But (and this is a big but) in the last 2 seasons combined he has completed 42 of 61 pass attempts for a total of 487 yards and 3 touchdowns. Those last two years are just a tiny fraction of his career stats and they obviously bring down his average tremendously, so the question begs to be asked, what the hell happened?

I’m not even about to pretend that I know what happened to Kyle Orton because I just don’t know, but I’m also not about to pretend that Kyle Orton is going to be our quarterback savior here in Buffalo. Those of you that are finding out that we just signed Kyle Orton and are exclaiming a huge sigh of relief might as well just become fans of the Jaguars because I personally don’t want to even be associated with you.

Its no secret that an awful lot of you Bills fans are not big fans of EJ Manuel and you are looking for any other person to throw into our QB situation because “EJ just isn’t a good quarterback”. The truth is when you look at numbers EJ Manuel is statistically the better option moving forward and that is completely considering Kyle Orton’s complete collapse in his NFL career. Now granted we only have EJ’s rookie season to compare the progression of these two quarterbacks, the difference is still quite remarkable.

When we compare the rookie seasons of both Manuel and Orton it is quite clear that Manuel is by far the better developing quarterback out of the two. In Kyle Ortons rookie season he played 15 games completing 190 of 368 pass attempts for a total of 1869 yards for 9 touchdowns and 13 interceptions for a quarterback rating of 59.7. In EJ Manuel’s rookie season he played 10 games completing 180 of 306 pass attempts for 1972 yards for 11 touchdowns and 9 interceptions for a quarterback rating of 77.7.

Just in case you have difficulty following numbers the comparison shows that EJ threw for 103 more yards, 2 more touchdowns and 4 less interceptions in 5 less games than Kyle Orton in their respective rookie seasons. Now if you remember what they were saying about Kyle Orton after his rookie season it was vastly different than what you Bills fans are saying about Manuel, and he actually performed better than Orton.

This whole situation with how a lot of you Bills fans are treating Manuel actually makes me sick, you have given this guy no chance to build, learn or develop because you for some reason think that a QB should come out of college and instantly play like Peyton Manning. The way I personally have looked at this situation is this, if at the end of this season EJ Manuel shows that he has improved this year then you have to let him keep going. You fans that want to give him less than a full season and consider him a bust but then bring in a quarterback that did considerably worse than him his rookie year should seriously reconsider how you approach this game.

I’m glad that we brought in somebody that will provide a viable backup if EJ suffers another injury this year, but you fans that are calling Manuel a bust after a shortened rookie season and calling him complete garbage is just so insanely wrong. I’m not even sure why I like most of you anymore, I understand your passion and loyalty but this shit is going a little far if you ask me. By all means get Peyton Manning or Tom Brady to come play for us, if by chance those attempts are not successful then maybe you just let us build a quarterback that can maybe one day take us to championships in the future.

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