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Buffalo Bills preseason recap: I think we’ve seen this before

Buffalo Bills preseason recap: I think weve seen this before

Please, please, please understand I am not the type of fan that takes the pre-season games seriously. I like pre-season games because they can build momentum. If you have a player that can get hot during the pre-season there is a good chance they can carry that confidence and swagger into the regular season and sometimes there is no bigger weapon than a player who is already in stride for the season.

However, as usual the Bills do not have that going into the season with any of their offensive players. After the whooping we took from Tampa and the thrashing that our starters, second and third string was given by Detroit we as Bills fans are left wondering once again if we have what it takes to end this playoff drought.

Lets start with the Tampa game, the Bills looked like they were out of sorts, mechanics were off, terrible penalties being taken and lets not forgot about being shut out after the first half. You hear coaches all the time saying “lets win the half”, you hear this when your coach knows your facing an uphill battle and things are not looking good. Our starters were on for two series to start the second half and we scored two quick touchdowns, yet this should all be taken with a grain of salt as those two touchdowns were against Tampa’s second and third stringers. As sad as this was, that was the best part of that game.

Now lets discuss the Lions game… well, theres really not much any of us want to talk about from that game. Lack of effort put forth from our quarterback and the offense made us go out and sign Kyle Orton. That is the only positive myself and the other season ticket holders I have spoken to since have had. Not much else to say about this game, other than it was a pre-season game that turned into an utter disaster.

Do not take my words as me saying we are doomed and we should jump off the Bills ship, or consider EJ a complete failure, that is not the case. I will support whoever they put in there 110% through and through. We were told we have not yet seen the true offense the Bills will be running due to our offensive coordinator not wanting to open the book and show everything during preseason. Fine, reasonable explanation, I get it. However by making this statement now, if our Bills show up to Chicago lacking IQ on the field or are unable to make plays you will have Bills fans calling for an early replacement of the coach and quarterback. The Bills mindset should be if we get to a 1-3 or 0-3 start with EJ at the helm then we have to be thinking about putting in Kyle Orton. The necessary picks and roster moves have been made so that this team is built now to win and we gave up a first round pick to prove it. However I believe the Bills are in on the EJ ship, and if it sinks they sink as a whole.

As we discussed before, just another start to what seems to be another Bills season that had a lot of hype and excitement. Bills fans as a whole should hold hands and pray that we have in fact not seen everything our team is going to run, and that EJ CAN turn this thing around. Don’t forget the health of Sammy Watkins ribs either, someone needs to send him some bengay and an ace wrap, stat! As always LETS GO BUFFALO!

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