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Buffalo Bills parody about missing the playoffs is honestly some funny shit

Buffalo Bills parody about missing the playoffs is honestly some funny shit

Today I stumbled upon a video that was uploaded about 2 weeks ago, a parody video of a very popular Lorde video that pretty accurately described our 15 year playoff woes. Now I’ve seen a lot of Buffalo parody videos in my day but this one was different, this one was really good.

Not to mention it features the line “I hate Tom Brady” several times, I couldn’t help but instantly fall in love with it. Strangest thing is that the comic who did the song is actually from Boston! Now anyone who knows me knows that I like to keep it civil and fun with the fans of my most despised teams, they are die hard fans just like myself and I don’t find that to be any good reason to treat them like they are less than me. Anyways, before I go off on some strange profanity laden rant, I managed to talk to Ryan Shibley who put the song together.

He’s actually a pretty funny guy who seems to have a passion for both sports and comedy, something we here at Buffalo Bruises really appreciate. I managed to get an opportunity to ask him a few questions in an interview that can be found after the video, but be sure to check out his other work on youtube and to give him a follow on Twitter @ryanshibley. Also (slight spoiler to the interview) how did you think we wouldn’t pick up on that awful Boston accent Ryan?

I would like to thank Ryan Shibley for taking the time to answer a few of my questions, he was a pretty awesome person to talk to. Here is the short Q&A I had the opportunity to do with him….


First off, I couldn’t help but notice you have sort of a Boston accent, are you from Boston?!

Boston accent you say??? So much for my college degree in Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College (Boston, MA) where my professors tried to make sure that all students lost whatever regional accents they brought with them! haha But nicely done picking up on that. Yes, I am originally from Coventry, Rhode Island and went to college in Boston for 4 years so sometimes my New England accent will rear it’s wicked ugly head! I’ve been living in Hoboken, NJ for the last 7 years so now I’m wondering if I’m occasionally going to acquire a classic dirty-jerz accent…. i hope not (whimper whimper).

You obviously put a lot of time and effort into the song and video, what made you so determined to put so much work into a Bills not making the playoffs song?

Almost all of the comedic videos I produce (whether they be parody music videos, sketches, spec commercials, etc etc) mean a lot to me. Let’s face it, I’m an actor/comedian/writer/comedic-rapper/stunt performer (and so on, and so on) so I value all of the work I do whether I’m working on a big film like “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ or on one of my own (much smaller sized budgets) projects. I’m trying to create videos that will be as funny as possible and look as professional as possible. I devote a lot of time to the creative process whether that be writing a sketch or working on lyrics for the next parody music video. I’m trying to make a name for myself in the entertainment business so I always try to create worthy videos. As for the Buffalo Bills parody music video, I thought it would be a funny topic to a classic beat. So thank you Lorde for your “Royals” beat… I hope I made you proud even though you probably don’t even know who the Buffalo Bills are. Every now and then an interesting sports topic/team/player will jump into my head while I’m listening to music and I’ll think… You know, I could make a funny parody song/music video about that. And that’s essentially what happened with this “Playoffs” Buffalo Bills parody music video. Two of my acting buddies… Tim Miller and Thomas B. Murphy (the other 2 Bills fans in the video with me)… are both HUGE Buffalo Bills fans with family/friend connections from Buffalo so I knew they would come on board for the project. I just wanted to make a shout out to the Buffalo Bills and their fans letting them know that… yea, missing the playoffs 15 years in a row really sucks! But that, as fans of any team, you have to just stick it out and ride out all the good times and bad times and know that we are all in this together. When the Bills finally do make the playoffs… it’ll make the experience even sweeter knowing its been so long. But ultimately…. the Bills and their fans need a championship!

One of my favorite things of the whole video is the older guy, he seems like an awesome guy. Who is he and how awesome is he?

Tim Miller is the older guy in the video. Thomas and I are both in our 30s and Tim… well…. lets just say he’s no longer in his 30s. He’s been living in Hoboken, NJ for like 30 years now and I was fortunate enough to work with him years ago on a project and we’ve been friends ever since. He is one of the “older” (and that only means older than me by a decade or two) actors who I consistently like to work with. He’s been acting for a long time and has had roots in the Buffalo area forever. He most certainly is an awesome/talented guy to work with and always brings a great attitude and superb level of professionalism (while still being down to clown it up).

Any video that involves doing shots while singing about how you hate Tom Brady is right up our alley here at Buffalo Bruises, any chance we’ll get a parody song devoted to what a sore losing cry baby Tom Brady is?

That line… “I hate Tom Brady” is hands down the line that the most people are getting in touch with me about. Doesn’t matter if people are Bills fans, Ravens fans, Steelers fans or whatever… people just generally seem to have a dislike for Tom Brady (unless you are a Patriots fan or an older woman haha). I tried to keep the lyrics pretty clean and straight forward… but it just seemed fitting to throw that line in there after talking about the Bills recent struggles. And by recent, I mean over the last decade and a half! Brady is like Jeter…. both the “golden boys”… and both guys that you love to see fail from time to time because of the amount of success that they had early on in their careers. Plus, like Jeter, Brady seems to live the life of luxury. As for a parody music video focusing entirely on his cry baby ways… you just never know! I didn’t have that set in the immediate future but I think that could be hilarious down the road! Perhaps Brady and the Pats will lose on Sunday and he’ll flop down mid-field and start crying for Gisele… if that happens, you bet your ass I’ll be writing those lyrics all night!

You told me earlier you are working on a Cleveland Browns parody, any chance it will include Manzieling?

Early next week…. perhaps Monday night 1/19… I’ll be releasing a Cleveland Browns-themed parody music video which we actually shot on the same day as the Buffalo Bills music video. I’m not going to give away any of the specifics or the beat that we used, but lets just say it focuses on the Cleveland Browns QB situation with Brian Hoyer & Johnny Manziel. I mean, if you are going to create a parody music video about the Browns… how could you not have it focus on Johnny Manziel?! The guy is a walking punchline but also very exciting. It will be interesting to see if he actually turns into a good/decent/worthy QB in the league. The man was a legend in college and if he can somehow shift his style/ability to the pro-game… then watch out! MY buddy and I took a road trip down to Oxford, Mississippi in October of 2013 and we lucked out because we got to see Texas A&M led by Johnny Manziel face off against the Ole Miss Rebels. The game was amazing and Johnny Manziel certainly showed why he got the name “Johnny Football”. He led the Aggies down the field in the final minuets of the 4th quarter and set them up for a game-winning field goal. Some of the moves he made on the field that night even made me a believer. I actually hope he does well in the pros… but first he needs to be humbled and get his ass kicked in I feel. Cleveland is a team that needs to have a solid QB leading the way… but will Johnny be that guy? Only time will tell!

Since you have the attention of us Bills fans, anything you want to say to them?

To Bills fans…. All I can say is that luckily we are all in this together. It was rough back in the early 90s making it to 4 Super Bowls in a row and coming out empty handed… just like it’s been rough seeing the team miss the playoffs 15 years in a row. But I feel like the tide is finally turning and this past season was a good step in the right direction. Better days definitely lie ahead for the Bills and as crazy as it may seem… Rex Ryan may just be the perfect guy to lead the Bills back to the playoffs and to another Super Bowl. Sure the Bills have some aspects of their game that they need to get better… but thats the case for many teams. One thing is for sure, and we saw it last year with the Seattle Seahawks…. DEFENSE wins championships and I would put the Bills defense up there with anyone. So that’s a great thing going into next year to have a solid defense in place. Now they just need to have the right QB step up and lead the way. Easier said then done of course… but it’ll happen. And on a final note, just like my buddy Thomas B. Murphy said when we were shooting this “Playoffs” Buffalo Bills parody music video…. it certainly will be nice if the Bills make this song irrelevant next year by finally making the playoffs. All we can do is hope and cheer them on… in Rex we trust. Let’s Go Buffalo!!!!!!

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