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Buffalo Bills need to move Schwartz to HC and hire Rex Ryan as DC

Buffalo Bills need to move Schwartz to HC and hire Rex Ryan as DC

The Buffalo Bills have now missed the post season for the 15th consecutive year, and what a better way to go out than by being eliminated by a team that was 2-12 going in?  Maybe its a good thing though, maybe its best we Bills fans realize where we stand before our playoff hopes come down to a final week match-up with the New England Patriots only to get blown out and shown our true place while in the last minute of the season. I would honestly prefer being eliminated from the playoffs now than be hopeful for another week only to be disappointed then. It’s like the whole ripping off the band-aid theory, just get it over with, but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t hurt.

We Bills fans put our whole soul into this team every single week ALL year round, so when we see our team put ourselves out of contention for the playoffs to one of the worst teams in the league, well that is never going to sit well with us. Seriously, the 2-12 Oakland Raiders eliminated us from the playoffs?! Are you kidding me?!

The Buffalo Bills were just schooled by one of the worst teams in the league, and just a week after damn near dominating one of the best teams in the league?  That’s just how the Buffalo Bills seem to work, we notoriously have great games against some of the best teams in the league but struggle and lose against the worst.

I’m so pissed off about what just happened i just want to choke people. This was supposed to be our year, we had the team to do it too, but it seems our offensive coaching was the most pitiful thing I may have ever seen in my life. You cant put any blame on the defense, none whatsoever.

The offense? Well that’s a completely different shitty ass story. 3rd and 18? Best go for a 1 yard pass! 2nd and 3? Then better go for a 50 yard bomb! Honestly, most of you Bills fans have been clamoring about how shitty of an offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett has been for the better part of 2 seasons now, and I can without a doubt tell every one of you that you are 100% correct about that. The problem with that though is shitty ass Hackett is one of Doug Marrone’s best friends and Marrone absolutely refuses to fire him no matter how awful he actually is.

The solution? Its actually pretty simple, fire Doug Marrone for not putting the team first, move Jim Shcwartz to head coach and bring on Rex Ryan as our Defensive Coordinator. As far as our new OC? Who really gives a f*ck as long as its not the incredibly shitty Nathaniel Hackett. Lets face it, Rex is done as a head coach in NY and Jim Shcwartz got f*cked in Detroit, he didn’t deserve to lose his job and he doesnt deserve to lose his job with the Bills. This move would put both of these individuals in a position to succeed while at the same time putting the Buffalo Bills themselves in a position to reclaim their rightful spot at the top of the AFC East.

Knowing Terry Pegula, he is absolutely going to make some moves that will only serve to better our team and it will not be long before we are finally back into the playoffs, but as ridiculous as it sounds this should be an option that is heavily considered. Rex is and will awlays be a great DC, Jim Shcwartz is a great head coach who wont let a friendship keep him from firing the shittiest Offensive Coordinator he’s ever seen in his life.

We Bills fans have a whole laundry list of shit to be upset about right now, but honestly we need to be most pissed about Marrone allowing Hackett to call his shitty ass plays for 2 consecutive season’s. Jim Shcwartz handled his shit this season, but what about Hackett?

We miss the playoffs for the 15th straight year and you better believe we are going to call for your head. We gave you 2 years Marrone and you told us we were garbage and your buddy Nathaniel Hackett is more important than us.

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