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Buffalo Bills Need Shiny Helmets to Win

Buffalo Bills Need Shiny Helmets to Win

I looked all over and I couldn’t find any rule that restricted the use of the ever popular NCAA mirrored helmets in the National Football League. With the introduction of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers new helmets that are covered in chrome, it got me thinking… This is exactly what the Buffalo Bills need!

There are tons of college teams that are utilizing this style of helmet. They look futuristic and if I had to venture a guess, I’d say that it would be much easier for a QB to locate a mirrored helmet during a play. Oregon has made a ton of money in their partnership with Nike in bringing a bunch of different mirrored and chrome helmets into their 300 different uniforms that they wear in a given season. Here’s where this can start helping the Buffalo Bills: Children would absolutely love the Buffalo Bills football team. Here’s the theory on that, kids love shiny things, they would start to buy our t-shirts and jerseys. Come on, colors of America with chrome sprinkled in? That’s gold (silver?).

Here are a couple examples of some stupid helmets that still look cool despite having an idiotic logo trying to ruin a sweet helmet:

TCU’s mascot is a Horned Frog which is awful, so that vile beast is trying to ruin the helmet and you’re still like “oh that’s pretty sweet looking”. North Carolina has a gigantic, over-sized foot on their helmet and it still looks pretty sweet. That’s saying a lot.

How can this help the Buffalo Bills win football games? That’s very simple. Look at the AFC East ( helmets pictured right). We have a division with 3 of the teams wearing white helmets and one of the team wearing a grey helmet. That one team with the different colored helmet has won the AFC East 11 times in the past 13 seasons. Is this some sort of coincidence? It undeniably is, but that’s not the point. Is Tom Brady a better QB because his team has different colored helmets? Absolutely not, but that’s not the point either. The point is we would look totally sweet in shiny helmets and Bon Jovi sucks and he should be considered a terrorist. That my friends, is the true meaning of Christmas.

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