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Buffalo Bills first pick of 2015 draft criticized by for not being a snitch

Buffalo Bills first pick of 2015 draft criticized by for not being a snitch

I cant lie, it was absolutely agonizing watching the first round of the NFL draft come and go without the Bills having a single pick. Then to wait almost 2 hours into the second round to get the first sniff at the Buffalo Bills taking a pick, it was by all means complete shit.

When the Bills finally stepped up to the podium, what happened put a smile on the faces of Bills fans everywhere. Roger Goodell walked out to the routine boo’s that accompany every time he walks up to the podium, but those boo’s quickly turned to cheers because none other than Jim Kelly was standing right beside him. Roger Goodell quickly realized that the deep hatred for him from NFL fans was no match for the love and admiration for one of the true hero’s in today’s NFL. Goodell quickly realized that no human could ever praise him to such a level and he wisely stepped aside to jump in and lead the applause for the hall of fame cancer surviving QB. Honestly, one of the best things about the draft is watching people boo the f*ck out of Roger Goodell as he continuously insist on being the main center of attention during the draft, but watching him understand that Jim Kelly is way more important than he’ll ever be was truly something I took a lot of appreciation for.

Jim Kelly took the podium and announced our first pick of the 2015 draft….. CB Ronald Darby… a cornerback… a position that virtually no Bills fans expected us to take with our first pick. Our needs compiled by die hard Bills fans across the Nation put our biggest needs at OL, TE and QB… not necessarily in that order.  After that our needs were determined to be LB and Safety, so picking a CB was not at all what anyone in Bills Nation was expecting in the least bit.

Personally, I tried telling people that the first player drafted by us was going to surprise you, when Whaley said they were going to draft the best player on their board regardless of position, they weren’t lying. That honestly should excite you, the scouting report they had on this CB when they had absolutely no need at corner compelled them to draft him anyways should get you’re panties wet.

But that’s not what this article is about, what this article is about is calling Ronald Darby’s unwillingness to be a snitch a “weakness”. I dont know about you but when gives me a link to the latest players to be drafted I immediately scroll down to their weaknesses. As much as I love a players strengths. So when i get to Ronald Darby’s weaknesses…  I honestly could not believe what I was reading…

Thats right folks, this is where things get real interesting!  Our first draft pick this year could possibly be someone who watches rapes happen and keeps it all a secret. Our first draft pick could be someone who contributed to a rapist being the number one overall pick.

Seriously though… regardless of rapist quarterbacks…  Ronald Darby never raped anyone…  and he proves that he is the absolute PR dream, he aint saying shit about anything he is’nt supposed to talk about.

With all honesty though, regardless of whether #1 draft picks are raping people , the fact that put this as Darby’s weakness while immediately stating that he was cleared of all wrong doing was a really unnecessarily low blow. The NFL pretty much just tells us that Darby refused to testify against an innocent man, and if that’s the case then this is honestly the stupidest thing I’ve seen in quite some time.

If you are going to throw rapist shit out there when you know the accuser has been cleared in all charges, then what is the NFL actually up to?  The NFL is not some nickel and dime organization, the NFL is telling people around the world that Ronald Darby is a protector of rapist. Not only that but they are calling it a weakness, the fact he would stand up and not testify against somebody who may have never raped anyone! Yeah, that type of quality in a person definitely belongs in the weakness category.

At the same time you have to take in the fact that the first overall pick of the 2015 draft just very well be a rapist, and our first pick is his protector.  Thats right folks, welcome to the god damn NFL!!!

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