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Buffalo Bills fan would rather have people die than have game canceled

Buffalo Bills fan would rather have people die than have game canceled

Those of you that frequent our little site here at Buffalo Bruises know that we do not hesitate to call out anyone who is going out of their way to make other peoples lives unpleasant. I personally don’t care what the reason is, if you’re motivation in life is to spread hate. If you honestly find joy in aggravating the people around you then you are f*cked in the head and society would be a much better place without you. Now, go out of your way to piss off Bills fans and  that is where I draw the line. Much like my good friend Mike Guittar, when that person is a Bills fan themselves I kind of lose my shit.

For some reason there is no shortage of shitty Bills fans who are making an extra effort to troll their own fan base. I mean I get the fans of the Pats, Dolphins and Jets, but even they keep it pretty civil for the most part when jabbing at us Bills fans. With the exception of our lying scumbag friend(s?) over at Turtle sports our own fans seem to be our own worst enemy.

He had displayed enough scummy behavior to motivate Mike to write this piece. That is not the first Bills fan that we have had to call out and by the looks of things it certainly wont be the last.

Meet Reece Markidis, he’s a Bills fan from Buffalo and in a time when we are in a state of emergency from a snow storm that has claimed 12 lives  at the point of me writing this he thought it would be funny to post this on a Bills fan facebook page…

Now for those of you that for whatever reason don’t know what he is referencing allow me to fill you in. Buffalo just had a massive snow storm that left over 7 feet of snow in some area’s.  After the first day of the storm  it left a shit ton of snow in Ralph Wilson stadium, so the Bills released a statement announcing that any and all people that are willing to come help remove the snow would be compensated $10 an hour and free tickets to the game. People from all over started saying that the Bills organization should be paying people to help shovel out the people that were stuck in there homes. Then the storm got even worse, dropping several more feet of snow and putting many of the local towns and cities into a state of emergency.  People were still pissed at the Bills for wanting them to get their stadium clear though which led to rants and memes from very angry people who thought the community was more important than some football game. And who honestly can argue with that? Those people have every right to be more concerned about their community than a silly game when lives are being lost during a chaotic snow storm.

So what compelled Reece Markidis to leave a post that is so inconsiderate, heartless and down right hatefull on a facebook page dedicated to the very team he is a fan of? When I looked into him and stalked his public facebook page and found out he was actually a Bills fan, I looked for every possible way his post could be misinterpreted. Surely this was just a off colored joke I thought, but sadly I was unable to put any sarcasm or bad attempt at humor behind it and its just a shit post by a shit person.

If I could wish for anything in the world right now it would be that our asshole friend Reece Markidis be put in a room with all of the family and friends of the 12 people who’s lives were lost due to this storm. Let them have his ear for a while and see what kind of smart ass shit he has to say to them. This goes beyond an organization wanting to get their stadium cleaned out, its downright hateful and inexcusable.

If this is the kind of shit you are going to go out of your way to post on a team facebook page then you sir are not welcome into our fambase. This is supposed to be the city of good neighbors and you are making it the city of shitty hateful asshole cock suckers. People like you are what makes this world so shitty and until people like you realize that helping people is so much more rewarding than kicking them into the dirt  then there is simply no hope for this world. We are surrounded by selfish assholes who get off on bringing people down and I’m absolutely fed up by it. Bad people deserve bad things and if that means you have to sink to their level to show them what a piece of garbage they are, then I say go balls to the wall. If you want to be the better person and let these people run amok then you better dig in your heels and settle in for the long haul because assholes like this are only going to feed off of it.

The old saying goes “treat people how you want to be treated” but I’ve always firmly believed that you should treat people how they treat you. You want kindness and respect? Then you give kindness and respect, otherwise I’m playing by the same shitty cock sucking rules you are. Bills fans aren’t posting nasty hateful things on your facebook page Reece (at least they weren’t) so why would you do it to them? In this world you get what you put in, so keep putting in hate and that’s exactly what you are going to get in return. Some of you Bills fans are just so terrible I cant even stand it, luckily there are so many more great fans in this fambase that the negativity and hate is ultimately drowned out in a sea of kindness and support.  Its the greatest group of fans I’ve ever seen in my life, now if we could only get everyone on board, or single out the cock suckers then it would be so much better.

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