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Buffalo Bills Dumb Tweet of the Week: This scumbag represents everything wrong with the world

Buffalo Bills Dumb Tweet of the Week

As some of you may know I spend a good portion of my available time reading tweets that mention my favorite football team in the entire world the Buffalo Bills. For the most part its a pretty satisfying experience as I sift through tweet after tweet by some of the most loyal and passionate Bills fans that are out there.

However, every once in a while I come across a complete asshole that is only looking to bring us down and reflect his/her own miserable life onto us. Apparently its for no particular reason too, Bills fans haven’t actually done anything to these people or in any way ruined their lives, they just get up satisfaction by aggravating and angering us Bills fans. That’s where I feel obliged to speak up and call out these scumbag worms in society that cant just live their own lives without going out of their way to upset the greatest god damn fans I will ever know. We as Bills fans have been through a lot, all we are trying to do is stay positive and passionate about our team while these assholes attack us for no reason other than it is fun for them.

Our latest dumb tweet of the week is one that I thought might result in a thought provoking debate, turns out this guy just wanted to shit on the Bills:

Im going to admit, at first I thought this was somebody that might be a Bills fan that had an educated debate about fracking, although I did consider the next in line to buy the Bills was Bon Jovi so I decided to join in on the subject and attempted to break the ice with this tweet:

When he responded to that with this tweet I knew I was dealing with another pathetic shithead who’s lonely Friday nights are filled with seeking out attention from people that don’t even like him…

After that tweet I realized exactly what I was dealing with, I dug a little deeper into his tweeting history and found that this was not the first time he decided to attack the Buffalo Bills fans. In fact this was the 3rd day in a row that he has decided to send out tweets in an attempt to aggravate us as he also tweeted these the previous few days:

Now here’s the thing, I put myself in a scenario where our most hated rival the New England Patriots is placed in the same situation and I could never see myself tweeting things like that to the Pats fans. Even though they are my sworn enemy as a Bills fan I could never take pleasure in their pain of them losing their owner and facing possible relocation. I’m actually a die hard Bills fan too, with the Patriots being my most hated team I would still have more respect than to kick them when they are down like that. With that being said here’s the best part of this joke of a human being we are dealing with:

So in a nutshell, this guy has taken time out of his surely busy day to tweet negative things about the Bills and he isn’t even a fan of any team. That seriously has to make you wonder what kind of shitty personality this guy really has, he’s obviously not trying to make the world a better place and freely states his motivation is to piss off people that have never actually done anything to him. He is without a doubt the absolute definition of scum bag and people like him deserve to be spit on as they walk down the street. In this world you get what you put in and when you go out of your way to make peoples lives uncomfortable for no other reason than it amuses you then you sir are a complete piece of garbage and you give this world a very shitty representation of mankind. Thanks for all of your shitty input Daniel Gerow, I hope somebody spits on you soon.


When we first puplished this story Daniel thought is was pretty funny and honestly thought that nobody was going to read this article. Needless to say he failed to realize how much passion Bills fans have and how we do not take kindly to assholes giving us shit for absolutely no reason. He seemed a little surprised the next day when he tweeted this…

If he was honestly surprised that the next day he was still getting shit from Bills fans then he surely was not expecting them to still be pissed off after a couple weeks passed. The thing is that piece was actually one our first as our site is not even a month old yet, as you awesome Bills fans discover our site and spread the word around about what we are doing here at Buffalo Bruises more people are becoming aware of what a piece of shit Daniel was being. That would most certainly explain this tweet posted earlier this morning….

I actually forgot about Daniel and his shitty behavior until I recieved these tweets…

For me personally I accept your apology Daniel and am more than willing to put this whole thing behind us and move forward. I thinks its unfortunate that it took somebody writing an article about your hateful behavior in order to realize what you were being, but I appreciate you being a man. As far as you Bills fans that tweeted to Daniel to express your displeasure at what he was trying to do, well done. I can’t control how future readers will respond to your tweets Daniel, I can just hope they understand you apologized and will let bygones be bygones.

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