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Bringing a purse to an NFL game? You’re a terrorist

Bringing a purse to an NFL game? Youre a terrorist

I haven’t been to Ralph Wilson stadium in roughly two years, truth is I prefer to watch the games at home with my much cheaper beer and HD instant replay’s. Recently however I was offered a couple tickets to the Bills first game against the Patriots this season at a very reasonable price, so I figured what the hell? Asked the wife if she wanted to go and it was on.

The day started off great, we got to the Wings flight lot at 9am and met up with Mike Guittar and his awesome father Mitch, we drank beers and ate food as merry men until it came time to enter the stadium. And that is where everything went terribly wrong, that is when gate security told my wife she could not be allowed in because her purse was larger than a small envelope.

I was in front of my wife in line, as I approached the guy with the metal detector we looked each other in the eye and he allowed me to walk right by to the guy who scans the tickets, as soon as I got my ticket scanned though he called me back and his metal detector picked up every single nickel in my pocket and he made me show him how many nickels I had. Once I got through emptying all of my pockets that had nothing in them I heard my wife call my name to which I walk over to her and she tells me that they wont let her in because her purse is too big. As soon as she gets done telling me this the security guy tells me that I need to be careful because I already got my ticket scanned and they could consider a re-entrant and make me leave as well. I asked the security guy what he meant by her purse was too big and he pulled out a standard sized envelope and told us purses were not allowed to be any larger than that.

While this was happening I looked down and seen a pile of stuff that people were forced to leave behind as they went through the gates, right on top of the pile I couldn’t help but notice an insulin injection pen for a diabetic and all I could think is “what is going on here?”. Me and the wife frequently go to Sabres and Bandits games, and although there was that one instance where they wouldn’t let me bring in my cheeseburgers we have never dealt with anything like this. At First Niagara Arena they look inside your purse, by all means they can empty it out if they want, but never have they turned us around because my wife has a normal sized purse. Never have we seen them make people with serious medical conditions leave their medication on the ground at the gate just to enter the stadium.

We were parked about two miles from the stadium and instead of walking all the way there and back my wife took all of the important shit out of her purse, threw out the purse and put all of her belongings in a beautiful clear plastic bag they provided for her. But that got me thinking, if every single thing that was in her purse in now in this clear plastic bag, then what is the difference in having a cloth purse?

Seriously, by all means empty out the purse and inspect every single thing in it, but why refuse entry over having a cloth purse with nothing dangerous inside or even any ‘contraband’. Its bullshit, sure I might feel different about it if I wasn’t married and didn’t experience it first hand, but it all goes back to our experience at other sporting events where something as simple as a purse didn’t make you a terrorist.

I’ll tell you, if I didn’t prefer watching games on my couch with my cheap food and beer and HD instant replays before. Eat shit NFL security, that shit you pulled with the diabetic and his insulin pen just might be a new low, I’m out.

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