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Brady’s Balls Dominate Headlines

Brady Balls Dominate Headline

If you’re going to go out of your way to have some dude cheat for you, at least take care of him.  Jim McNally is your typical hard working Bostonian (he plays video games and collects social security), but is able to cheat the system enough to work 20 hours a week for 17 seasons to help his Patsies.  This man no doubt has Tom Brady posters all over his studio apartment.  The man who is helping Tom Brady is the man who is constantly saying “F*ck Tom.”

If you’re going to cheat, have the decency to try and take care of the guy that is helping you cheat.  You know who was taking care of Jim McNally?  John Jastremski.  Do you know who John Jastremski is?  He’s some other bozo that has Tom Brady posters all over his one bedroom apartment by Fenway.  Tom Brady is such an asshole that he doesn’t even take care of these guys that can ruin him.

I have played hockey for 20 years, nowhere near professional level.  I use a 3/8” mid-heel curve.  If you handed me a ½” mid-heel curve, I would be able to tell you within 2 seconds of touching a puck.  Tom Brady is a professional athlete who throws on average 1,000 footballs a day.  Tom Brady was quoted as saying the perfect PSI is 12.5.  A man who handles balls all day would be able to tell the second he gripped it.

Look back to Commissioner Goodell’s ruling on Sean Payton, “ignorance is not a defense.”  I agree.  So here we have men who catch balls and squeeze them as hard as they can so they don’t fumble catching each pass from Tom Brady.  Running backs that are taking the same ball from Tom Brady.  Each of these men, though claiming ignorance, was undoubtedly aware that the ball was a little softer than normal.  There’s a coach, who has openly cheated in the past in multiple ways, in charge of all of this…  Which begs the question, is ignorance a defense?

Tom Brady is a bitch asshole that lied to your face after he cheated.

Remember that jackass in high school that would cheat on a test, get caught, then laugh at the teacher who caught him as if it was so laughable that he would ever cheat that the teacher must be crazy to even think of something so preposterous?  That little bitch asshole was the one who would lie to your face after he cheated.  That kid grew up, went to Michigan, got drafted by the Patriots, knocked up the lady from iRobot, left her and the kid and married a hermaphrodite.

We have seen GMs suspended and fined for sending text messages or creating artificial noise.  We have seen players accused of crimes getting suspended.  One truth in the matter is that we have a repeat offender (Bill Belichick) and the NFL’s first female player (Tom Brady) being protected by Roger Goodell, again.  Let’s see what kind of bullshit Goodell can come up with this time to protect his favorite team.

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