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Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills Have Quickly Morphed Into a Dynamic Mentality

When Rex Ryan was hired by the Bills he was in charge of ending the playoff drought. It’s been 15 years, 240 games, 14 starting quarterbacks, and 4 Tom Brady Superbowls since the Bills last tasted the playoffs. Now I guess you can say that the franchise is desperate to win. It’s no secret that they are. What’s funny is, Rex Ryan who was considered the best coach available, picked Buffalo.

A Thank You to Everyone

A little over a year and a half ago I took to Twitter with some drawings.  I live by a code, ABG – Always Be Gimmicking.  I started tweeting these hilariously bad drawings at Buffalo Bills players and it gained the attention of the #BillsMafia.  One writer in particular saw the humor in what I was doing and decided to dedicate an article to me as his “Dumb Tweet of the Week” column on

Here is who will be the Bills starting QB this season

The Buffalo Bills starting quarterback will be… Whichever quarterback gives the team the best chance to win.

Here’s the truth about Marc Hoppy and the fake Bills Mafia Facebook page with 30k members

Before I start I would like to clarify something a lot of you might not realize about the Bills Mafia Facebook pages. There are 2 Bills Mafia Facebook pages, There is the legit official Bills Mafia FB page from Del Reid and the people you know, love and trust from the official Bills Mafia on Twitter, and then there is the impostor Bills Mafia FB page that managed to get 30,000 members and has people thinking its the official page.

Bills score total combined points of all AFC East rivals in first week of 2015 preseason

The first week of the 2015 NFL pre-season wasn’t anything to write home about for fans in the AFC East as all of the teams in the division lost to their opponents. We all know its only pre-season but you would be a damn liar if you said you didn’t care if your team wins or not, and the players themselves would surely tell you the same.

Was Aidan Kearney from Turtleboy Sports molested by James Kriger?

Where do I begin? I was planning on writing my next article about Aidan Kearney’s involvement with sexually harassing a young female Bills fans at Ralph Wilson stadium last year, you remember him? The one that urned out to be a high school teacher? The one who’s victim gave a detailed explanation of his actions?  Yeah well it turns out he’s had all sorts of excuses since then as to how he wasn’t even involved and has even claimed that I just made the whole thing up.

Kaley Kade Outs Boobie Dixon’s DMs – Bills vs Pornstars Part II

Alright, alright… This has been one of the most ridiculous off-seasons in recent history.  We got our offensive line coach using actual offensive lines like “I’ll kill your whole family,” we got Rex jumping out of planes and we have porn star Mia Khalifa outing Duke Williams.  If I had to bet that one of those three news stories would happen again, I would probably have thought it would go in this order, Kromer gets arrested again, Rex jumps out of a plane again, then porn star outs Buffalo Bills player again.

Duke Williams’ DMs to Mia Khalifa Were Justified Because Women are Mean

Buffalo sports got a ton of national attention this week.  Being lost in the story of our offensive line coach punching some kid is my favorite story of the week;  Duke Williams’ leaked DMs to Mia Khalifa.

The Chronicles of Kromer: Beach-side beatings for children

I would like to invite you all to listen to a dark and twisted story, a story of the devil himself who disguises himself as an offensive line coach for the Buffalo Bills. So please sit back and prepare yourself for what you are about to hear.

Mike Rodak Out-Tools Himself

Mike Rodak is a complete tool.  Out of the countless amounts of articles and tweets about how awful this particular douche-bag is, there was a tweet that was sent today that really irked me as a fan of the Buffalo Bills.

Ronald Darby ‘under fire’ for sticking up for an assault victim

The Bills first draft pick this year (2nd round, 50th overall) Ronald Darby has managed to create quite a fuss over what he had to say about FSU Quarterback De’Andre Johnson punching a “lady” at a bar in Tallahassee last month. If you haven’t seen the video of the incident then I recommend you do so now, and take notes because there will be a quiz later…

The ‘Finger Painter’ Matt Schreiner answers to scamming cancer patients

I am going to do my best to keep my composure here as I explain the extraordinarily low things some people will do to get ahead in life, but that is most certainly going to prove to be quite difficult. We Bills fans are no strangers to scam artist and other low lifes that infect our inner circles in an attempt to exploit our kind hearts and generosity. We here at Buffalo Bruises have brought to light some pretty shitty people who have wormed their way into our community, but nothing might be quite as bad as the person I am about to tell you about. Now I say that knowing fully well that peoples feelings about the level of scumbag someone is depends on your personal views on life, but for me scamming cancer patients tops the god damn list.