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Bills score total combined points of all AFC East rivals in first week of 2015 preseason

Bills score total combined points of all AFC East rivals in first week of 2015 preseason

The first week of the 2015 NFL pre-season wasn’t anything to write home about for fans in the AFC East as all of the teams in the division lost to their opponents. We all know its only pre-season but you would be a damn liar if you said you didn’t care if your team wins or not, and the players themselves would surely tell you the same.

The AFC East has been quick to gain the praise throughout the NFL universe for becoming one of the tougher division’s in the NFL as of late, yet they all let their opponents walk away with victories this week. Interestingly enough it was the Buffalo Bills that put up the biggest fight as they lost their game in the final minute of play by one point after a successful Panthers 2 point conversion. All in all the Bills have an awful lot to be happy about as they at least put up a competitive performance and had fans watching until the very end of the game, the same can not be said about their AFC East Rivals.

The New England Patriots lost 22-11 to the Packers while not scoring a single point in the 2nd half. Tom Brady only completed 25% of his throws for a total of 10 yards and Jimmy Garoppolo was sacked 7 times. Yes 7 sacks, which was more sacks than the Pats allowed all of the 2014 pre-season. I know a lot of Patriots fans are going to want to ride this team hard because they are the defending SuperBowl Champions, but the fact of the matter is they have lost a lot of talent this offseason and 25% of their starting roster is currently injured. If the Patriots even make the playoffs this year I’ll be surprised, even if their savior Tom Brady plays all 16 games.

The Miami Dolphins lost 27-10 against the Chicago Bears while also not scoring a point in the 2nd half. Tannehill actually played pretty well going 6/7 for 56 yards with 1 touchdown and no interceptions. The other 3 Miami quarterbacks however combined for 14 completions on 37 attempts for a total of 190 yrds with 0 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. I am by no means writing off the offensive play of Miami this season based of their backups in the first pre-season game, I actually expect to have much tougher games against them than the Patriots this season. With that said, good luck this season Miami, I look forward to some great games with you this year.

The New York Jets lost 23-3 to the Detroit Lions while not scoring a single point after the first quarter. They sucked on virtually all levels of the game and look like they will be even more of a laughing stock than they were last season. This is a team I’m personally interested in watching because I want to know if Rex Ryan was in fact the reason for their troubles, or if by chance he was the only one giving them any hope in winning games. If my theory is correct then the Jets will win no more than 3 games this year and the fact that Geno Smith has a broken jaw right now means absolutely shit. The personnel of this teams upper management is dysfunctional beyond anything we might ever witness again in the NFL. I feel for you Jets fans, but at the same time we are going to whoop it up as a divisional rival. J-E-T-S SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!!! Thank your own teams management for that.

The Buffalo Bills lost 25-24 to the Carolina Panthers in what might have been the most memorable pre-season Bills loss I have ever watched. The Bills scored the exact number of points as all of their AFC rivals combined and showed fans the Bills are here to play this season. Matt Simms was the only QB to throw an interception as Cassel, Taylor and Manuel all had decent outings. By far the most impressive QB athletically for the Bills was Tyrod Taylor as he scrambled for yards on multiple occasions using his quick feet and elusiveness, but his throwing ability left a lot to be desired. The most impressive throws came from EJ Manuel, even though most of those throws were dropped by his teammates. Not to mention the absolutely atrocious start EJ’s center gave him once he was put in the game…

Yep, two consecutive botched snaps on EJ’s first drive in the game. It was hard not to think that somebody on that team was working against him after watching that happen, but EJ recovered quite nicely and deserves a little credit for staying focused and playing a solid game. And by solid game I mean throwing this 51 yard touchdown to rookie Deonte Thompson…

EJ was the only QB to throw a touchdown for the Bills in this game and he had a bunch of other perfect throws that simply were not held onto by his teamates. Yet when all was said and done, when you watched the botched snaps from the center and the horribly dropped passes from his receivers, EJ still managed the highest QB rating out of all 4 Bills quarterbacks. Love him or hate him, he was the best overall QB of the night for the Bills. If you honestly watch his performance, and watch his teamates fail to catch the balls thrown at them, if you think that is on EJ Manuel then you absolutely deserve a worse QB on your team. I admitt I’ve been high on EJ from the start, but there is a good reason for that. He has a strong accurate arm, you just have to give him a chance to lead this team his way, if that ever happens you will curse the day you ever spoke ill of him. Look at the numbers and then tell me how horrible EJ Manuel is, because the numbers I’m crunching shows him being a future HOF QB.

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