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Bills fans that tried telling us Tuel is better than Manuel can go eat shit

Bills fans that tried telling us Tuel is better than Manuel can go eat shit

This has been a pretty interesting week for us Bills fans, all week I have been reading tweets about how EJ Manuel is complete garbage and Jeff Tuel is our only hope to win football games. All week Bills fans everywhere were talking about how terrible EJ Manuel was and how he has not improved one single bit since his rookie season.

One of the most disappointing things for me this week was when I was talking to someone who follows football even more passionately than I do and he started to tell me how Manuel is even worse than he was last year. That statement and the very thought of actually rationalizing it was completely insane to me. This guy (along with a shit ton of other Bills fans) took the HOF game as strong indication of how our team is going to be this season.

Even though it was completely obvious that the Bills were using their freebie pre-season game to get a few looks on tape, that did not stop some Bills fans from freaking the f*ck out and immediately writing off our quarterback this year. Ive heard people clamoring this week for our need to sign a veteran free agent QB and/or making Jeff Tuel the starter because Manuel is only getting worse and we are doomed if he is our starting quarterback.

You fans that think that Jeff Tuel is our savior are obviously fans that are new to the sport or you’re just dumb. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Jeff Tuel, he has an unbelievable amount of natural talent and I have no doubt in my mind that he will one day be a starting NFL QB. EJ Manuel however is one of the brightest and athletic QB’s you will ever see in your lifetime, he is by all means still very young and devolving into one of the greatest QB’s of this era before our very eyes and you are all shouting to the skies how terrible he is.

Here’s the thing, if you think Jeff Tuel is a better option at quarterback because of how he schooled the Giants 2nd string defense then you might as well just become fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars. You want to know why Doug Marrone seems so angry while addressing the media? Maybe its because he has to deal with fans that are shouting for the second string QB to come in and start because he had a great pre-season game.

This whole week Ive been listening to this shit, and this whole week I have kept my cool. I actually witnessed this same exact thing happen last year, Tuel played unbelievably well during the pre-season, then he gets thrown into an actual regular season game and we were all wishing Manuel was still in. Its funny how soon we forget how well Manuel was actually playing during his rookie season, and because of that a lof of you have turned into anti-Manuel fans, and all of you can go eat your own shit.

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