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Bills Fanatics members expose James Kriger as a fraud and hypocrite

Bills Fanatics members expose James Kriger as a fraud and hypocrite

One of the more frequent problems you’ll find on the internet is that a lot of people tend to read a headline or a title of an article and just assume they then know everything contained within the piece. That is exactly what happened recently when I published Bills Fanatics keeps up their shady behavior with buying 5k Twitter followers if you just read the title alone it seems as though you can easily put together the gist of things. But that simply is not the case with this story, as it wasn’t buying twitter followers that was the problem that I laid out, it was the fact that Bills Fanatics was using that false number to recruit and convince people to become a part of them.

Honestly, if you just read the headline and was like “so what?” (Pierre Gabart is the founder of Bills Fanatics) then I suggest you take a few minutes to actually read what the whole article says. Because if you don’t read the whole thing then you end up saying really stupid things like this…

This is actually from one of the many Bills Fanatics Admins and here’s the worst part of her statement, she say’s its “a marketing tool that has been going on for years”.  She’s absolutely right about that, but the fact that they bought thousands of followers and used those fake numbers to convince potential partners they are something they really aren’t is what the whole problem is.  Something you find out if you take 10 minutes out of your day to actually read what is being said about you instead of just assuming you know whats going on.

In any event however, it seems that I was in a little over my head and my actions have completely backfired on me and I have been exposed as a hypocrite. Here, just take a look for yourself…

Yep, those are my Arab friends, well at least I think they are Arabs, truth is I don’t know because I don’t speak symbols. What I do know though is how I got them, and that I’ve never used their presence on my personal twitter account to convince people that Buffalo Bruises is huge and you need to be a part of it because of all my awesome foreign followers on my personal account.

For those interested in why I have them though, I have a policy when it comes to twitter where I follow back the people that follow me. Some time a few weeks ago one of these foreign accounts followed me and I followed them back as per usual, well the led to roughly 300 of them following me in about 2 days.  I did a little research on it and found out that the Arabs are absolutely crazy about Twitter. Most of them following me had tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of followers, it eventually got to the point I thought it was too much and I had to stop following people back for a few days in order to get it to stop. But every single one of those accounts followed me first on their own free will.

Now anyone that actually read the article is fully aware that I personally don’t give a shit if you have 10 million Chinese followers who all have down syndrome. If you want to pay for your followers too that’s great, I don’t give a shit. But if you buy your followers and use that number as a selling point to people who legitimately want to do business with you thinking you are something you are not, then that’s where I step in and say something about it. Also, I am fully prepared to defend my foreign followers…

Yep you guessed it, that’s another Bills Fanatics admin who really tried to show me a thing or two through Facebook messenger. I spent quite a few hours talking to this guy who was understandably upset about what I had to write. I told him he had every right to hate my guts but I honestly wish he would take a closer look at what I’m saying with a more open mind. After two days of sending numerous messages back and forth this pretty much sums up my time with him…

Lets focus our attention on the man in charge though, as stated in my previous article I was anticipating a long response from Pierre Gabart on his Facebook members page. He was sure not to disappoint! I mean this guy really has a gift, he is such a smooth talker its hard to think anything other than him being a victim in all of this.

In my last piece I requested for him to come clean about everything, which he did. Only thing is that I don’t believe he was being completely honest with coming out about buying the Twitter followers. Here is a snippet from the message he sent out addressing the issue…

Not a bad excuse really, its just about as good as McNalley being called “the deflator” because of his rapid weight loss. Here’s the thing though, a few days before I wrote my article, Bills Fanatics was contacted on Twitter by someone who was calling them out for buying followers. That conversation got a little ugly but not because BF had anything to say, in fact they stayed silent until at the very end someone responded by saying that they have always enjoyed what BF has done. It was at that point that the BF account finally recognized the conversation and thanked that person for their kind words, but not at all addressing the bought followers. If it was as simple as somebody they thought they could trust did it behind their back you better believe all of us here would have defended ourselves and said just that. But you are telling me the only way we get an answer to that is when Buffalo Bruises writes and article about it? Come on guys, show your fans a little more respect than that.

I’m not here to tell you to hate Bills Fanatics or to not support them, I actually hope you do support them because they support the same team I support. But from what I have learned about BF as a result of actively speaking out against their behavior is that you might not want to fully trust them. If you can be an active member and have a great time while doing so, then go for it. Bills fans are Bills fans, just keep an open eye while you sleep over their house because I have a lot of reason to believe you are just a number to Pierre. I might have a lot more to say on all this, we’ll just have to see where things go from here.

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