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Bills Fanatics keeps up their shady behavior with buying 5k Twitter followers

Bills Fanatics keeps up their shady behavior with buying 5k Twitter followers

It is no secret that I talk a lot of shit about Buffalo Bills Fanatics, those of you that have kept up with our past know that I have become the out of control asshole that keeps on presenting problems for Pierre Gabart and his group of loyal Bills fans. The reason why that is happening is quite simple though, its because BBF is up to deceitful behavior and I’m in the business of calling out shitty people with shitty intentions.

Seriously, have you ever read any articles from me where I stand up for or attempt to hide the low life actions of the scummy shit bags in this world? I don’t give a shit if you are a fellow Bills fan or not, the fact is if you’re a Bills fan and a shitty person that actually makes it worse. The fact that you prey on the very people that make the Bills community so awesome and wonderful, that is the very reason why you should be called out when you’re pulling some bullshit.

It was recently brought to my attention that the BBF twitter account @BillsFanaticsBF was buying followers, now when I first found out about this I have to admit I could really care less. My initial thought was that this was really nothing worth any of our time, so why are these people even bothering me with this shit? I listened to the whole explanation and then told these people that I really dont think its anything I should be concerning my time with. Then I carried on with my life, but what I found happening is the whole BBF buying followers thing kept popping up in my thoughts, and after 2 days of this happening I finally understood why I was approached with this information.

I thought back to when I was first contacted by Pierre about partnering up with him, we had just started Buffalo Bruises and he didn’t even have to pitch to me, I immediately told him I was down to partner up. Even though I immediately agreed to his proposal he still felt compelled to pitch to me how many people he would give our work access to…

What I quickly found out though is that I was not getting access to 10k people by posting our work on his fb page, in fact even to this day the fb page he gave me access to currently has 4,919 people who like it. Now he has another fb page that currently has 13k members, but he never even told me about that and I actually just found that out this week. He must have been basing his numbers off his other page, a page that I had no idea even existed the whole time we were partners.

But that got me thinking, I didn’t even ask him how many people I would have access to as a partner of his, but he tried to shove it down my throat anyways. Now after we got into perhaps the most interesting disagreement in the history of sports blogs he made sure to once again shove those numbers down my throat…

Now I don’t even know where he got the new and improved number of 30k, but I have to say I looked at that response sideways since 3 months earlier he seemed to have tripled his following. It is this pitch that he is granting access to so many Bills fans that is why him buying twitter followers is such a problem. I spent most of the day contacting current writers, admins and partners of BBF and managed to get a few of them to talk to me even after completely disclosing who I was and my interest in BFF. One of those people willing to talk to me pretty much summed up my concern with this twitter message…

So with this message I was able to confirm that Pierre is now also including the number of Twitter followers he has in order to recruit people, and that is a major problem because he has without a doubt bought thousands of his Twitter followers. The Bills Fanatics Twitter handle currently has 13.3k followers and I decided to scroll through every single one of them. Now I don’t know if you fully understand the work involved in completing such a task, but my PC sure did as it crashed roughly halfway through them. Then I had to reboot and do it all over again, once I got all 13,300 followers loaded up I was able to easily sift through them from top to bottom.

What I found was the first few thousand followers presented to me seemed like legit followers, Bills logo’s and the word ‘Buffalo’ aplenty in bio’s. The last few thousand followers the same thing, but if you can manage your way into the middle of the pack you will find something quite remarkable. There is a block of roughly 5,000 followers that are seemingly 98% fake accounts. Here is what you find when venturing that deep into the Bills Fanatics Twitter followers…

That one account that doesn’t have an egg profile? Yeah its also a fake account. What I found was that most of the 5k accounts in this block have never even tweeted anything, or they had 10 or less tweets from 5 years ago. I also found that they each followed around 1,700 people and had around 2 followers. The best though was when I clicked on who these fake accounts were following, each of their followers had tens of thousands of followers but at the time time hade virtually no interaction with what they were tweeting. Take for instance one of BFF’s followers also follows a musician who has 161k followers, in that musician’s 16 tweets the past month he had 1 favorite and 0 retweets. For a muscian on Twitter with 161k followers who mainly tweets links to his songs, that is just insanely impossible.

I also have tremendous reason to believe that a good portion of BFF’s twitter followers outside that block were also bought, outside the block of 5k fake accounts you find an awful lot of things like this…

Now I don’t personally care if all of your Twitter followers are able to understand the English language, what I do care about is you trying to tell fellow Bills fans that they are getting premiere access to 13k rabid Bills fans on Twitter when that is a bold face lie. On the same note I also have a HUGE problem with this…

This screen shot is taken from the Buffalo Bills Fanatics website, and the tab telling you to join “the most active collection of Buffalo Bills fans on facebook” is another bold face lie. You would find it quite difficult to find anybody with a general knowledge of Bills Facebook groups who would say this statement is true. You can’t just say something like that and expect people who know better to not call you out Pierre.

Here’s the thing Pierre, I am well aware of the multiple page responses you post on FB after I write something depicting you as a shady person. How about instead of doing that this time you just decide to be honest with not only all of us but yourself as well? I don’t know what you think you are going to accomplish with any of this deceit but if you keep it up then my articles about you are going to be the least of your worries.

We are all supposed to be Bills fans, a big family, but you took the initiative to look past all of that and tried to sabotage other Bills groups so you could be the top dog. For you readers who want to know what I’m talking about, I’m not going to get into that at this time. That is really something Pierre should have the opportunity to come clean on, if that doesn’t happen in a time I deem suitable then I will air it all out publicly at that time.

The thing you have to remember here is that if you are a good person with good intentions then things like this do not happen to you. You can get on your page and preach to everyone that will listen that you have only been good to people, but some of us know a little different. I’m not the only person that is watching you Pierre, and if that’s what it takes to keep you good and honest then that’s just one small part of ensuring Bills fans everywhere are not tricked into believing you hold the ultimate key to Bills glory.

I’m not kidding Pierre, If you thought anything I’ve had to say to this point made you look bad then you are in for a rude awakening if I decide to really let loose about everything I know about you. I really want to believe you have learned that anything you do or have done is under a microscope, but this whole buying Twitter followers and using it to sell your brand to people has me pissed off. Become a decent honest person with the quickness Pierre, you do that and all will be well. You see I don’t know about followers, fb likes, or even real life likes, what I do care about is keeping my fellow Bills fans aware of the pieces of shit that infect our circle. This goes beyond fb or Twitter numbers, its about you being a good honest Bills fan who supports other good honest Bills fans.

In closing, sell your fake Twitter followers to your mother because you’re a joke. You want anyone to take you seriously? Well you can start by taking your ‘brand’ seriously, and buying fake twitter followers is not about to do that.

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