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Bills Fanatics continues to show how much they don’t care about their own fans

Bills Fanatics continues to show how much they dont care about their own fans

Here’s the thing…  I don’t completely hate Bills Fanatics, I don’t hate Pierre Gabart, and I don’t hate the people that support him. I believe I made that perfectly clear in my last article about them, unfortunately most Bills Fanatics stopped reading that article long before I stated that you should absolutely support them, and that was solely based on because they bleed the same blood as the rest of us Bills fans.

One of the things I hate the most is when somebody is messaging me on Facebook, sends a message my way and then immediately blocks me. If you really think that is going to get you the last word then I’m afraid you have no idea who you are talking to. That is actually the whole reason I felt so compelled to call out Pierre Gabart and his Bills Fanatics group in the first place. If you don’t recall Pierre shot a message my way that immediately provoked a response from me. That action alone was the ONLY reason I felt compelled to write an entire article about what had happened between us, but if you want the last word against me then you better earn it. Talking shit and then immediately blocking me is just asking for me to act out and write an article about what a pussy piece of shit you are. Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t have the mental capacity to make a valid argument for your actions then fine, but when you pretend you do by blocking the people getting the better of you are then by all means a pussy piece of shit.

Now that we all have received a crash course in ‘Kriger 101′ you should all understand why the story I am about to tell you has led to me writing this article. Naturally some of you wont understand because you blindly follow directions from people who tell you they are your master, but for the rest of you I offer this story of complete truth and facts.

I was contacted by a very hard core Bills fan who was warning all of his fellow Bills fans that there was a suspicious character worming their way into our circle for reasons that were beyond anyone’s understanding. Now for those of you don’t know, or for those of you that don’t regularly read our site, the Bills community has become quite the target for scammers. So when somebody suggest that somebody might be up to no good in our groups, well that is more than enough reason to take that matter seriously and look into whats going on. Before I ramble on anymore allow me to show you what I’m talking about…

Matthew here actually took notice to who he was becoming friends with in this digital world and noticed that this person was a die hard Cowboys fan who for some reason was befriending a shit ton of Bills fans. Now I know for a fact that Matthew is very aware of the rampant scamming that happens in our groups and he did what any other concerned Bills fans would do after making such a discovery, he warned his fellow people.

Now this is an action that I commend Matthew on, even if Martha here means well, its still suspicious and fellow Bills fans should at least be aware of who is worming their way into our groups. You know who doesn’t feel the same way? I understand its kind of sad its coming to this, but yeah its Bills Fanatics.

Now I know that at this point it seems like I’m picking on Bills Fanatics, but if you feel that way you have to take a serious look at every single thing I have ever done, all of it for the better of Bills fans. I don’t just sit here and just make shit up, so maybe some of you fanatics actually listen to what I have been saying this whole time and stop considering me the enemy. But I’m also not going to sit here, so here is the response Matthew received for posting this warning in Bills Fanatics…

Yep, that’s right folks! That post warning of someone who clearly has no place in Bills groups is being removed because that person has not caused problems, even though Matthew wasn’t even causing problems himself, just warning people. What the serious is going on here? I know that no other Bills Facebook group had a problem with Matthews simple warning, but Bills Fanatics was apparently ready to fight against this.

But why? if you take a look at their own rules for the page it appears that Matthew did not break or even bend a single one of them…

Ok so after finding all of this out and realizing it was of course my arch nemesis Bills Fanatics I took a serious step back because I didn’t want it to look like I am taking an interest in this story just because of my personal past with this group. I of course was not surprised to hear this behavior was coming from them but I really didn’t want to do another thousand word article on what pieces of shit these people are. So I messaged messaged Pete Boulay to find out first hand what was going on, this was the exchange we had…

This is not a weird double image, I actually sent him a screen shot of the very questions I had previously sent him just so he could see FB showed me that he had seen them after he refused to answer me, on to the rest of the conversation…

That is in its entirety the conversation we had tonight, and after he sent that last message he blocked me. My follow up of course was extremely witty but none of us will ever know how awesome it was because as soon as I hit ‘send’ i was informed that pussy ass Pete Boulay cant handle talking to anybody who has anything logical to say. In case you’re wondering about the reference he made about trying to talk to me previously, lets throw that out on the table too. Here is the entire exchange I had with him after writing about Bills Fanatics buying Twitter followers…

Go ahead and take one look at that exchange, especially you Bills Fanatics supporters. Do I appear to be someone that is just trying to keep down a fellow Bills group? You can all say what you want about me, that doesn’t bother me in the least bit. What does bother me is Bills fans getting misled or taken advantage of in the slightest way. If you want to hate me for looking out for you, then right on, I’m still going to look out for you and tell you the truth throughout this whole journey. Just like Matthew was trying to do before Bills Fanatics decided you didn’t need to know about the shady looking people creeping into your world. And that’s fine, if you want to live in a world were you let criminals right into your life without a second thought, well then good for you.

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