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‘Bills Fanatics’ attempts to give Buffalo Bruises a time-out

Bills Fanatics attempts to give Buffalo Bruises a time-out

A few months after we launched Buffalo Bruises I was contacted by a gentleman named Pierre Gabart Jr who told me that he was the ‘founder and president’ of a Bills facebook fan page called ‘Bills Fanatics’. He was very quick and to the point about what he wanted, but for some reason he also used a shit ton of awkward emojicons as if a 13 year old cheerleader taught him how to communicate online. What he wanted from me was an exchange, if I would put a link to his site somewhere on my site then he would make me an admin of his Facebook page and I could share our articles to his over 10,00 members*.

Pretty straight forward deal I thought and I was excited to work with other like minded Bills fans, so i couldn’t see any reason to pass up the opportunity. However, it wasn’t long before I was left wondering if I had made the right decision to team up with this guy. It was actually two days later when someone contacted me and told me that I should be careful while dealing with Mr. Gabart, they said that he was a scam artist.

I was naturally a little thrown back by all this, but at the same time our relationship had been strictly Bills football related, I decided that I would keep a look out for any suspicious behavior but unless that happened I would continue with our agreement. One thing that struck me as odd though is that Pierre told me there was 10,000 members and at that time my browser was telling me there were only 5,432 and they were actually losing members by the hour. Currently I read 5,227 members and although nobody has contacted me to tell me that Mr. Gabbart was trying to scam them, I have a hard time wrapping my head around why so many people are leaving a Bills fan page. We are after all some of the most loyal and passionate fans in the NFL, shouldn’t members be growing instead of dropping drastically?

Anyways, this is all really besides the point. This little story is not at all the reason why we are here right now, but I felt it was important to put a little perspective on how I got to know Pierre and what our relationship has been like. Since that time me an Pierre have not spoken one word to each other, October 10th was actually the last time the two of us have communicated. That was 2 months after we launched Buffalo Bruises and I have to say, we’ve made a few tweaks to the website as we’ve gone along since then. For those of you that don’t know, we learned everything we know about starting a site by googling “how to start a website” when we decided to do this thing.

So, somewhere along the lines it appears that the link to the ‘Bills Fanatics’ group was removed from appearing on individual articles, but it still had a nice vibrant location on our home page. We are really not sure when or how it happened but I was notified about it yesterday by Pierre as I was sitting down to eat dinner after working a 10 hour shift. As I sat down to my awesome looking steak supreme sub with sweet peppers and grilled onions we fairly quickly had this exchange…

Now while I’m having this conversation I am also texting Mike to see if he knows what might have happened and shoving this huge steak supreme sub into my mouth because I’m hungry. I got onions  and peppers all over the place, they are hanging out my mouth, sticking out my beard and somehow even got inside my shirt.  I get a text from Mike that say’s “He unfollowed us on Twitter a while back so I assumed you moved it”.  Well! You don’t say? You rotten son of bitch!!” then follow it with another text “I don’t like his tone”. I decided to then finish my dinner instead of making a complete mess of myself and my surrounding area. When I was done eating I returned to find Mr. Gabart had grown tired of waiting 5 minutes for me to get my nutrients and had this to say…

I can only assume that Pierre Gabart is a stay at home dad and for that I’m sure denying small children of insignificant shit works out quite well for him throughout his day. I however am not a small child and I do not at all take kindly to somebody who means absolutely nothing to me telling me that they are now punishing me. Is everybody interested in what my response was?? I’m sure most of you have a pretty good idea of what came next…

Who seen that one coming, right? Well apparently Pierre Gobblecock didn’t because he was quite surprised that i wasn’t going to rush to his every command. He thought he could just dole out punishments as he see’s fit and that I was going to fall into line. Here’s his reaction to me telling him to shove his page and twitter account.

He was understanding? And yeah, you said it was alright just before you told me what my punishment was. And exactly how crazy is it? Has Pierre Pissy Pants ever actually read anything I have written? Does he not know that I tend to behave like a lunatic? Well the answer is obviously no, as you’ll find out in the next series of messages we exchanged…

And that is where things get really interesting, because in our original agreement that I showed you at the beginning of this whole story, it said nothing about ‘link static’ or ‘tab on toolbar’ he simply said he wanted “small piece of real estate on our blog”. Which we gave him a pretty big piece of ‘real estate’ right on the home page and right at the top. Its actually still there right now, check it out for yourself while you can, I’ll keep it up for a little bit just for you readers that came here first to read about all this, but rest assured it will be gone soon.

Things get even better though when he tells me that he just couldn’t see his link on his mobile device and that there was no need for me to act unprofessional. That was when I realized that he really hasn’t read anything I have written. How does this guy not know how unprofessional I am?! I run a site where I in great detail explain, and you want to call me unprofessional? You don’t say?

Lets move on, I’m actually going to post most of the remainder of our conversation because this whole thing is pretty long and if I comment on everything that was said we are going to be here all night. You’ll notice this is the point where I start forgetting to type whole words and have much worse grammar, that’s because I was drinking a really good craft beer called ‘Hopster’ and yes it was awesome.

Yes, he wants to know how he was trying to punish me even though I flat out told him the reason I felt that way. He wants to go from understanding that his link is still on our site to acting like its not there anymore. And for some reason he even wanted to tell me his site was giving me access to 30k Bills fans, and that I should be drooling at the opportunity he has given me.

Here’s the thing, I absolutely love every single one of you readers and I love you guys like family. I however would still do what I do if not one person read my work, so if you want to to hold potential viewers over my head. If you want to hold your super special Facebook fan club over my head I’ll tell you how to shove it. If you want to call me unprofessional I’ll tell you your absolutely right and offer you a cheers! I honestly did appreciate him wishing us luck though, and for that I figured the least I could do is make things a little more clear…

And that is where he un-friended and blocked me, good times.

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