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‘Bills 4 Life’ challenges bitter rival ‘Bills Fan Thunder’ to charity kickball game

Bills 4 Life challenges bitter rival Bills Fan Thunder to charity kickball game

Anyone with knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes between two of the more popular Bills groups on social media ‘Bills 4 Life’ and ‘Bills Fan Thunder’ knows that there is drama and hatred between the two groups that almost seems irreparable. Its honestly something very gritty and nasty that has developed between the two groups and nobody wants to just come right out and say it.

Myself on the other hand have zero problems with talking about it and feel it is important to not only stick to your convictions, but also freely talk about important issues at hand with the public. Of course this belief of mine is one of the reasons why both of these groups absolutely hate me right now. I’m here to call people out for shady or deceitful behavior within our fanbase and both of these groups have ended up as a main focal point of that agenda.

Here’s the thing about that though, instead of owning up to their actions these people have instead decided to continue hiding things and then somehow blame me as the cause of their problems. And the main problem with that is the fact that I didn’t make anyone in any group behave in a manner resulting in getting my attention in such a negative fashion. Sure you can blame the guy that ratted you out all you want, but if you didn’t do anything wrong then there would be nothing to tell.

‘Bills 4 Life’ vs ‘Bills Fan Thunder’ is a really interesting rivalry when you get a chance to hear from both sides and get to completely analyze how it all happened and how it continues to develop. To be quite honest? My personal opinion is that ‘Bills 4 Life’ has far more legitimate reasons to not get along with or trust ‘Bills Fan Thunder’. That’s not to say that B4L has been nothing but innocent sprinkle covered angels or anything, they certainly have added their own fuel to the fire but I legitimately understand why.

Now here’s the thing…. its all complete and utter garbage. I don’t know about the rest of you but I got into this because I wanted to communicate, connect and build relationships with other Bills fans. Even knowing all the bullshit drama that is going on I still want to see every Bills site or group help the others in their very own community grow. This whole notion that another group is competition regardless of how many likes, retweets or members they get has got to go out the window. Your fellow Bills fan is NOT your competition, they are in the same damn boat as you are trying to entertain, inform or connect the same people you are, so get off your self righteous thrown and start helping each other and the fans that make you who you are.

There seems to be a very common theme with the larger Bills groups out there, they all want to be the biggest and most popular. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here wondering “why you would want something like that?”. Mo people mo problems the way I see it, and seeing that being the creator of sports fan FB page is not a financially rewarding gig, I cant quite place my finger on why its so damn important to all of these groups. I hope to one day see these selfish assholes completely implode and it result in a major rise in popularity for the little guys out there who legitimately love this team and the fans, the ones that are in this because they actually care about their audience. Until then…. let the selfish diva’s rule the space I suppose.

Now I understand I have gone way off topic here, because I was writing this to announce the challenge that ‘Bills 4 Life’ made to ‘Bills Fan Thunder’ for a charity kickball game. Not only did B4L extend the challenge this past Sunday, but they also mentioned us here at bruises while doing so. You might as well check it out for yourself…

Now I have to say I absolutely loved this challenge by B4L and I was humored that I was apparently so heavily responsible for this all happening. The thing that I didn’t completely agree with though was the line “you want to talk shit about the Bills, or Bills fans vs Bills fans? who gives a crap?!”. Don’t make it look like I’m just sitting over here and talking a bunch of shit about this team or our fans just because I’m an asshole. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely an asshole, and I definitely want to talk shit about our fans when they are behaving like pieces of shit. I wish I had the time to just make up stories about how the members of your groups are acting like shameful children, but the truth is that somebody’s behavior resulted in me talking that shit, so if you don’t want me to talk shit then all you have to do is not do anything to provoke that reaction from me. Can you all behave yourselves and act like good honest Bills fans that truly care about each other? Well if you can do that then I personally would appreciate it more than anybody.

Back to the charity Kickball challenge, nobody was happier to see that ‘Bills Fan Thunder’ officially accepted that challenge on Twitter…

Now I don’t know the specific details of when this charity kickball game might be taking place, or any other information about it for that matter because the members of both these groups wont talk to me anymore. Which I am more than ok with, maybe one day they will serve a purpose of actually looking out for their fellow fans and understand why I do what I do.

I sincerely hope to see this charity kickball game actually take place, I don’t want to say that I have my doubts that it will actually happen but I’m kind of writing this to ensure that it really does. Maybe during that kickball game both teams could have a drink or two and reconnect with why they both got into all of this in the first place. Even if you re-connect because I am your new arch nemesis, well at the end of the day I will be more than ok with that.

With all that said I am very interested in seeing this game take place and seeing who raises more money for charity. Only because BFT had an awful lot of shit to talk about the money B4L raised for McCoy’s ALS walk and has stated several times that if they were involved then they alone would have crushed the goal. I’m not entirely convinced that would of actually happened, and you can run your mouth all you want about what you think would happen if you were involved but that ultimately amounts to absolutely shit. To talk shit about anybody raising money for charity and to tell people that they “let down McCoy” is absolutely f*cked. Around the same lines of BFT’s friend and associate Matt Schreiner saying he got kicked out of a charity event because he didnt raise enough as everyone else.

In closing, call me out all you want but I’m the one person calling out the bullshit behavior that is dividing Bills fans. Like I said, clean your shit up, start helping each other out and stop giving me shit to write about. I very much look forward to seeing you two groups come together and do something good for people, instead of you individually doing good things for people and using it to shove it in the other groups faces. Just a little messed up don’t you think? Feel free to reach out to me to give further details about this charity kickball game, I will absolutely help spread it around.

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