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Buffalo Bandits

Our commitment to the fans of Buffalo from us at Buffalo Bruises

When we first started Buffalo Bruises the Bills had just concluded their 14th straight season without making the playoffs and the Sabres finished their season dead last in the NHL. Little did we know that the fans of this great area were so passionate that none of that even mattered. Mike Guittar and myself were writing for another Bills related website when we got fed up with both the rules they wanted us to follow and the fact that they ultimately seeing the reader as a number.

Bringing a purse to an NFL game? You’re a terrorist

I haven’t been to Ralph Wilson stadium in roughly two years, truth is I prefer to watch the games at home with my much cheaper beer and HD instant replay’s. Recently however I was offered a couple tickets to the Bills first game against the Patriots this season at a very reasonable price, so I figured what the hell? Asked the wife if she wanted to go and it was on.