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As much as it hurts, should Sabres fans ‘embrace the tank’?

As much as it hurts, should Sabres fans embrace the tank

The phrase “nothing is guaranteed” is often tossed around by Sabres fans who are against the team tanking this year. These same fans often times criticize those of us who #EmbraceTheTank as not being “True Fans.”

When confronted with this, I have 1, no, 10 answers I like to respond with:

Taylor Hall. John Tavares. Steven Stamkos. Patrick Kane. Sidney Crosby. Alex Ovechkin. Tyler Seguin. Drew Doughty. Bobby Ryan. Evgeny Malkin.

If put on the current Sabres roster, which one of these players wouldn’t immediately become the best player on the team? These are all #1 and #2 overall picks in the last 10 years of the NHL draft.

Does a “True Fan” not want one of these players on this young, and soon to be exceptionally talented, roster? Imagine a line of McEichel in the middle, Armia and Moulsen on the wings, with the dynamic duo of Ristolinen and Zadorov on the the back end. Tell me you don’t want to watch that?

“Yeah, but one player doesn’t make an entire team!” some say. They are correct in saying this, but here’s the thing. We have a cupboard full of supremely talented prospects! Add them into the mix and your first couple lines could be this:


Plus a Defense consisting of
Myers/ Gorges

By adding in a generational player to the top line (McEichel), and great looking prospect on the second line (Reinhart). Our current man crush on the third (Girgensons), plus A Plus defensive prospects, this team all of a suddenly looks pretty damn good, in my estimation.

This is why embracing the tank has become so important, because adding a total stud to the top line shuffles everyone down to the places they should be. Hodgson is not now, and will never be, a first line center/wing. But a third line player, with a defensively responsible center?  I’ll try that out.

So the tanking this year hurts, it truly does. The payoff though? I’ll take that any day of the week. So let’s send positive thoughts (and maybe a goalie or two), towards the Oilers.

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