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Are Anti-Tankers Even Sabres Fans?

Are Anti-Tankers Even Sabres Fans

There has been quite a bit of talk about the tank for “McEichel”, as I’m sure most of you know what’s going on at the F’N Center.  For those of you who don’t know, the Sabres have been tanking for TWO full years now, in order to rack up picks & great players.  They have a chance to acquire a generational player if they can lock up the 30th spot.  The 30th spot GUARANTEES either Connor McDavid (the next Crosby) or Jack Eichel (a Day 1 starter on this team and someone to build your franchise around).

Like I said, the Sabres have been tanking for two years; not one, not just the past few weeks, not just the past three games.  This has been a long process & has required a lot of suffering by the team and a lot of wheeling and dealing by Tim Murray to get talent away from this team.

However, just now, we have the morally justified hacks at the Buffalo News preaching to the people of Buffalo about how dishonorable they are for rooting for their team to lose to benefit the team in the future.  Last Thursday, Sabres fans erupted when the Arizona Coyotes (the other team in the race) beat the Sabres in overtime, expanding the gap.  Sure, cheering against your own team is odd and a little offsetting, but continuing to root for the Sabres means you want the past two years to go with no reward and want to continue sucking for the next ten years to “save your soul”.

It’s one thing for ESPN and the Buffalo News to moan on and on about morality in sports, but FANS preaching?  Gimme a break!  The fans complaining about fellow fans are just 1.  Too dumb to understand the process of building a team, or 2. On a moral high horse and really don’t care about winning.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO POINT TO WINNING GAMES!  Winning a game at this point in the season is like cutting off one of your fingers and throwing it to a tiger.  You now have no finger and the tiger is still hungry.

What really pisses me off more than the preaching is the hypocritical fans who want the prize, but to not get their hands dirty.  We’re not cheating like the Patriots, we’re tanking like the Colts, Penguins and Blackhawks did in history.  See any morally-justified Colts fans against getting Andrew Luck?  NO, BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT COMPLETE MORONS AND KNOW THEY’LL GET A SUPER BOWL OUT OF IT AT SOME POINT!

I am sick and tired of this conversation.  This tank has been going on for TWO YEARS.  They tanked last year (AND FINISHED 30th), but it wasn’t this big controversy because the prize wasn’t as good.  A tank is a sacrifice of a season to build a team.  Yeah, Buffalo is an awful sports town because their fans aren’t retards and know this will benefit their team in the long run.  We’re not talking possible playoff berths each year.  McDavid and Eichel put you in Cup contention for the next 15 years, but OH THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!

The worst part is the Sabres finishing 30th, winning the lottery, getting McDavid, going deep into the playoffs, winning 5 Stanley Cups (that’s not the bad part).  Guess who’s wearing the McDavid jerseys & attending the parade?  THE SAME OLD PEOPLE AND CASUAL HOCKEY FANS THAT ARE PROTESTING THE TANK RIGHT NOW!  If you’re so insulted and embarrassed by your team, city, and fanbase, LEAVE!  I don’t want to see anyone complaining right now at the parade, big games, draft parties or anything.  If your morals are broken by supporting a winning hockey team that does winning hockey team things, go away; you’re not a fan.

This would be a totally different story if the Terry Pegula and Tim Murray weren’t in on it.  THEY ARE THOUGH!  THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO AREN’T IN ON IT ARE THE PLAYERS, YOU KNOW, THE ONE’S WHO WON’T BE HERE NEXT SEASON!

At this point of the season, the Sabres are still packing the building even with one of the worst teams in hockey history.  If you’re paying your $20 – $60 to attend any of these crappy games between AHL teams, you have the right to cheer on the future of your team.  There are six more games to decide if this team will become a contender for the next 15 years or continue to be a laughing stock.  If you really want to waste the past two years to save your soul, you don’t care enough about hockey or this team to have an opinion.

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