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Andre Reed says “F*ck Bon Jovi” and so do I…

Andre Reed says F*ck Bon Jovi and so do I

Buffalo Bills legend Andre Reed isn’t just sitting around quietly and patiently awaiting his induction into the NFL Hall of Fame this weekend, the guy still has plenty to say about whats going on in football these days and is by no means about to sugar coat his opinions.

New York magazine published this article yesterday titled “Jon Bon Jovi Is the Most Hated Man in Buffalo” which is true, he is most certainly the most hated man in Buffalo. I really didn’t think it was even necessary to read the article because based off the title I already knew all of this, that is until I found out that Andre Reed himself was quoted a few times and what he had to say made me wish I could give him a high five afterwards.

Now the main buzz stemming in Buffalo was his comments about Bon Jovi himself in which he was quoted as saying “Man, f*ck Bon Jovi!” and added this little gem while discussing his potential ownership of the Bills “You might as well just take this city, throw it in the river, and let it go down Niagara Falls.”. I whole heartily agree with the first part, f*ck Bon Jovi.

The second part about throwing the city into the river might have more relevance than you think though. If Buffalo was to move to another city it would destroy the lives of a lot more people than you realize. There are a whole legion of Bills fans that spend every waking moment thinking about this football team, people who’s whole entire lives revolve around this team and if that goes away some very disturbing things are going to happen.

I’ve talked to people that have told me that if the Bills move they would also move to Cleveland and become Browns fans. There are several people that have told me this with the utmost seriousness. One person even told me that the Bills were their whole life and if the team moved they would shoot themselves in the head. After replying with a chuckle they firmly assured me that they were very serious. And those are just the reactions of people that I talk to on a regular basis, how many thousands of Bills fans that I don’t even know share similar feelings? Andre Reed knows what the Buffalo Bills mean to the people of Buffalo, he knows that there are a great deal of people who cant even think about living without a Buffalo football team to support. Without this team they have no real reason to stick around Buffalo.

It is also my firm belief that if Bon Jovi and his group of cock sucking leeches gets this team they would be initiating an all out war, and that’s a problem. There is enough hate and discrimination between Americans and Canadians as it is and it finally seemed to be dissolving into a peaceful tolerance of one another. What would result from Toronto stripping Buffalo’s team from them would surely create an insane amount of hatred and violence between our two countries. No longer would Canada be looked at as our friendly border but rather an enemy now. Rest assured a group of young men will travel over the border to hit up the titty clubs only to get drunk and begin to resent the whole god damn country for taking their football team from them. You all know what happens then… violence. In turn that violence will lead to representation of our city being violent drunks who are poor sports and that will infuriate us even more. Before you even know whats going on we will hate and attack each other at the blink of an eye, all of which could of been avoided by leaving us and our football team alone.

Its a terrible cycle of events that very well could lead to a major regression of relations between two friendly and civil countries, and Bon Jovi wants to ruin it all because he’s a selfish pussy. Well… to quote Andre Reed “Man F*ck Bon Jovi”.

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