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An Open Letter to Rex Ryan

An Open Letter to Rex Ryan


You are the now the coach of the Buffalo Bills. Congrats, I honestly thought you got a raw deal in New York, your GM sucked and you did the most with what little you had to work with. I can damn near promise that you won’t be getting a raw deal in Buffalo.

We are excited to have you. And if you will, please indulge me while I tell you a little about the team you are about to lead. This team, the Buffalo Bills represents us… all of us from Western New York. You are going to soon find out that you live among some of the nicest, most caring, considerate and fiercely loyal people on the face of the earth. We enjoy the simple pleasures in life, a cold beer to wash down the wings on a Friday night, the love of family, sledding in the back yard, walks or jogs in Delaware Park and Sundays watching the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills are the tie that binds us. They are more than just a football team to us, they are part of our collective identity. You see Rex, Buffalo gets crapped on quite a bit. Since the steel industry left in the 70s we get kicked in the balls by the rest of the country over the economy, the weather, Love Canal and some even believe we are responsible for the Jimmy Hoffa disappearance. The only time we make the news is when five feet of snow gets dumped on us overnight. It hurts Rex, the place we call home is nothing like what outside people believe it to be. It is a beautiful place to be from, to raise a family and to call home. You are about to find that out. Because of my career I don’t live there anymore but I miss it more and more everyday!

But that doesn’t mean the criticisms, jokes and scoffs still don’t sting… they do. And it pisses most of us off that Dallas, Miami, Boston and yes New York City look down their noses at us. They think we are small time and stuck in some Siberian purgatory occupied by hay-seeds and rubes. We can’t change any of that. But Rex, it still pisses us off.

That’s where you come in. We have the Bills… our beloved Buffalo Bills. They are a part of the family. They are the son, the daughter, the niece and nephew that we so desperately want to be proud of. They… are us! These past 15 years have been like watching a member of the family suffer, fail, be kicked, punched, laughed at and mocked. And by extension, we have been laughed at and mocked. You bring hope that this torment will stop. We hope that this member of the family gets up off the mat, stands up tall and punches those bastards from Miami and Boston right square in the jaw. We love this team! We want this team to be good! Not for the entertainment value but because they are us!

We want to say with pride that Miami might have the sun and the beach, New York might have Broadway and Wall Street, Dallas might have Jerry World and Big Oil but we… we have something better, we have the Buffalo Bills and on Sunday we’ll kick your ass!!

So Rex, if you help us get this member of the family off the mat and winning, you too will be a member of the family. If you don’t believe me ask Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, and Marv Levy. They are members of the extended family because they… became… us.

Rex, welcome to my hometown, my favorite place on earth, Buffalo New York. Good luck, welcome to the family and Cheers!

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