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Buffalo Amerks

Rochester: A home away from home

So for those of you who don’t know, each club in the National Hockey League has an affiliated team in the American Hockey League. The Buffalo Sabres have had the luxury of having their AHL affiliate just an hour away for a few years now. The Rochester Americans serve as the farm team for the Buffalo Sabres. Being a Rochester native myself, I remember the “Dark Ages” when our Amerks were affiliated with the Florida Panthers and the Sabres had the Portland Pirates. Those days were rough and attendance to the games was abysmal to say the least. Luckily all is right in the world now and Terry Pegula has acquired ownership of both the Rochester Americans and the Buffalo Sabres making them together once more.

Our commitment to the fans of Buffalo from us at Buffalo Bruises

When we first started Buffalo Bruises the Bills had just concluded their 14th straight season without making the playoffs and the Sabres finished their season dead last in the NHL. Little did we know that the fans of this great area were so passionate that none of that even mattered. Mike Guittar and myself were writing for another Bills related website when we got fed up with both the rules they wanted us to follow and the fact that they ultimately seeing the reader as a number.