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A Thank You to Everyone

A Thank You to Everyone

A little over a year and a half ago I took to Twitter with some drawings.  I live by a code, ABG – Always Be Gimmicking.  I started tweeting these hilariously bad drawings at Buffalo Bills players and it gained the attention of the #BillsMafia.  One writer in particular saw the humor in what I was doing and decided to dedicate an article to me as his “Dumb Tweet of the Week” column on

A few weeks later that same writer, James Kriger, sent out a tweet saying he was looking for writers.  I sent him a DM saying I was interested in writing some absurd articles and drawing some of my pictures to go with it… He loved the idea.  Not only is Kriger a stand up gentleman, he for some reason finds me one of the funniest people on the earth.  Every article I would send him he loved.  From there I started writing football articles.  I always seem to be right about everything, or at least I will argue with you so long you eventually concede, and I started having a lot of fun with it.  I remember it like it just happened, I sent Jim (who was managing editor of the Bills portion of Cover32) an article that was pure gold.  Bon Jovi bashing at it’s finest.  He informed me that it couldn’t be published because of a “content grid”… What the hell?

Fast forward a couple of minutes and was purchased and ready to go.

It was different.  It was fresh.  People either loved us or hated us, but they were reading.  It honestly was amazing.  You were amazing.

ABG lead me to making a t-shirt.  #50 Sacks Lady Brady… Thank you to everyone who bought it.  Led me to #FlatKiko and raised over $500 to the PUNT Foundation.  Thank you to everyone who bought it.  Kiko got traded and it turned to #FlatBoobie… Raised another $100 for the PUNT Foundation… Thank you to everyone who bought it.

Mayhem MondaysTheatre ThursdaysPorn Stars… Thank you to everyone who clicked and read it.  Thank you to the people who “get it”, and thank you to the people who didn’t and fought with me on Twitter about it.

I have come to a point in my life where I just can’t dedicate enough of my time to do this anymore.  So as much as it saddens me to say, this will be my final article on this website.

Thank you to Jim Kriger for letting me be a complete ass.

Thank you to my cousin Stefano for designing the logo I drew with a buffalo penis.

Thank you to Mario Granata for having us ruin his podcast a few times.  A lot of fun.

Thank you to the writers who contributed to this site.

Thank you to Cam, Matty, Chris, King Hack and all of my other fans that regularly read the crap I wrote.

Thank you everyone.

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